We enjoy surprising you! As the innovation leader and trendsetter in terms of gift packaging, we have continually been writing success stories:

Sensa Natura

Copied from nature, the new series Sensa Natura affects in a particularly natural and sensual way thanks to innovative materials and finishings. With  "Sensa Natura Lines Anthracite" we are presenting a new class of exclusive, fine gift packaging especially for the individual embossing of customer logos to the market. This gives you an even greater selection for your individual gift packaging in addition to the success story of the past years in Struktura VITA.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality – or expanded reality – is described as a computer-supported perception where real and virtual worlds blend together in a mobile end device (e.g., iPhone). Text information and graphics relating to the world being viewed are fed to the device in real-time. The use of the application ranges from information concerning the direct environment up to superimposed navigation into the field of view right on to games used for advertising media and games.


Struktura / MyStruktura

Elegant and very eye-catching. A new optic and sensory experience: "Struktura" gift packaging has a refined, textured surface and makes an extremely good impression with effects from a new Dimension!