Blind and relief embossing

Sublimely beautiful: Relief embossing for three-dimensional representation of lines, fonts and ornaments. For a refined look and haptic, either as blind or hot foil stamping.

Haptical 3D-varnishes

Intensive experience: New 3D lacquers enable impressive haptic surprise effects. The lacquers are similar to screen printing lacquer elevations and relief embossing. In principle, any structure is feasible, even micro structures and matte/gloss effects can excellently be realised. In combination with a soft touch lacquering the result appears particularly exclusive and sustainably sticks in the mind.

Hot foil stamping

Brilliantly decorated: with gloss film coatings in metallic colours, our gift packaging receives a special shiny finish ; an appreciation, an eye-catcher, especially pleasing for the recipient.

Matt/gloss effects through finishing

Simply beautiful: Packaging doesn't always have to glow or glisten to attract attention. The opposite can also have the same effect: A matt effect provides the packaging with an elegant understatement. Our finishing processes can provide both matt and glossy effects. Which effect should your packaging have?

3D and holographic effects

Amazingly effective: Is the eye of the beholder deceiving him or her? With our magical surprise effects, we can certainly amaze and confuse, but one thing is certain: an element of surprise is guaranteed.

Laser punching

Delicate views: Laser punchings allow the integration of the finest patterns in the packaging. A subtle view to the inside of the packaging increases the anticipation of unpacking and gives the packaging a beautiful visual element. The production is fast and meets all expectations of an efficient production.

Structural embossing Struktura VITA

Struktura VITA, the timelessly elegant and simply refreshingly "different" texture design.