Custom-made designs

You would like a customised version? No Problem.

Do you have any special requests? It would be our pleasure to fulfil these for you! We can emboss your logo or text on all gift cartons in open-face corrugated cardboard or Struktura; either as blind or film embossing. Designer colours such as gold, silver, dark red and white are especially suitable. Special colours are also possible.

Designing like a professional: With press cuts

Beginning at 500 units we cut individual windows for applications with labels, photos, certificates, water colours, greeting cards, computer printouts. There are no limitations to your fantasies. We look forward to hearing about your ideas!

Open to the Special

Your marketing plan is the basis for us to develop creative solutions. Be it special materials, impressive special constructions or exclusive finishings. So we print for example your logo by screen printing on our gift packaging and displays.