Packaging a megatrend

Packaging for No Make Up

Sustainable packaging from Karl Knauer KG

The demand for products with clean, responsible and sustainable packaging has had a powerful impact on the cosmetics industry in the past decade. Alongside classic natural cosmetics, “clean cosmetics”, which avoid all substances suspected to be harmful, has gone from being a niche product to a megatrend in recent years. In addition to the ingredients, fair production and sustainable packaging play a an essential role when people decide to buy clean cosmetics products.

It is above all millenials, industry insiders believe, that have brought about this change in mentality in the cosmetics and the home care sector. Millenials share their experience on social media and make direct contact with their favourite brands, which means that criticism of products, manufacturing processes or packaging is given more attention. If consumers are dissatisfied, or if they want a manufacturer to show greater social responsibility, it is much easier for them to find people who support them – the world over. Brands that have not yet addressed their own sustainability and ethics are increasingly scrutinised and they lose market share to new, innovative manufacturers that respond to the needs of consumers.

Clear skin and a clear conscience

One example is the young German cosmetics brand “Nø – no make up”, which is marketed by the health and beauty retailer chain dm. The manufacturer, the German company KrollCosmetics GmbH from Dormagen, appeals to buyers wanting to have a “clear conscience” when it comes to grooming. All of their products, are not only vegan and not tested on animals, but also packaged in a way that makes recycling as easy as possible. “In the packaging of our Nø line, we have reduced things to a minimum and deliberately decided on a folding box that avoids any unnecessary extras both in its design and its material. That would not make sense for our brand. With Karl Knauer we have brought a German packaging specialist on board that met all of our requirements for sustainable packaging,” explains Andreas J. Kroll, Managing Director of KrollCosmetics GmbH.

In close collaboration with the Nø marketing professionals, the Karl Knauer team in Biberach developed packaging that is perfectly in line with the product philosophy. The design of the folding box is young, fresh and minimal; the material and finishing are sustainable and fully recyclable. The look and feel of the packaging therefore perfectly represent the philosophy behind the clean cosmetics line. “It is becoming increasingly important – in general, but particularly for customers in the cosmetics sector – to present brands as being of high quality, but nevertheless also being natural and sustainable. Getting the right balance between a natural look and modern, functional design is not always an easy task. For Nø, in our opinion, this has been a superb success,” says Bernd Wussler, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer and instrumental in supporting the project.

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