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Using packaging to successfully market regionality


Whether direct marketers are selling wine, sparkling wine, spirits or food from their local region, with its new services and packaging concepts designed especially for regional suppliers packaging specialist Karl Knauer is illustrating how they can successfully sell local products with the right packaging concept. By offering these solutions, Germany’s leading gift packaging manufacturer wants to drive the regionality trend forwards. After all, following the demand for ecologically and sustainably produced goods, growing numbers of consumers now have their sights set on the topic of ‘regional production’. 

An authentic packaging design for German products
Products that come directly from customers’ local regions as opposed to being imported from foreign countries or other continents are gaining shares of the market in Germany. The notion of ‘Global’s out; local’s in’ applies equally to food, consumer goods, gifts and souvenirs too. 

The latest Statista study entitled ‘Sustainable Consumption 2021’ shows that Germans attach a high degree of importance to sustainability when it comes to packaging (56% of respondents). One in two participants in the survey stated that sustainability concerns were the reason behind their change in behaviour. Consumers cite their desire to support regional producers or suppliers as another main reason for making a conscious and responsible purchasing decision (51%); environmental protection (65%) is another motive.

Indicating responsibility with sustainable packaging
Karl Knauer’s new range for regional products definitely hits the mark: ‘Regional products, like food and beverages, are marketed both exceptionally and authentically with eco-friendly packaging made from sustainable raw materials,’ commented Martin Glatz, Head of Sales, Marketing, Research and Development at Karl Knauer, underlining this trend. ‘That’s why we’ve set up a special package of services for regional product sales – starting with construction and design-related advice, and extending to the possibility of small runs. So we can now offer businesses and companies even more custom advice and service,’ continued Mr Glatz. 

Home as a selling point
Through examining recent sample references, it’s clear to see how regional producers manage to successfully market regional products with packaging designed for them and specifically adapted to their business. That’s how Karl Knauer, working together with Biberach-based artist Anette Isabo, created packaging featuring a modern interpretation of the ‘Girl from the Black Forest wearing a traditional Gutach costume’ design. This packaging allows manufacturers and marketers to easily and effectively showcase the ‘Black Forest’ brand and come across as being close to home. What’s more, the ‘Home’ gift packaging is truly eye-catching to all tourists and can be used in a variety of ways when filled with regional specialities.

Successfully marketing fine regional produce
Wussler GmbH, which runs the pony farm in Gengenbach, also offers regional fare that you’d usually find in a Baden tavern and indicates the product origin on the packaging. While it initially started out with just ice cream, it now offers jam, frozen ravioli and even sauces presented in packaging that promotes both home and the brand – all thanks to modern-looking, high-quality folding boxes. This demonstrably boosts branding and successfully supports sales: ‘Sales figures are rising sharply; Wussler products are now being offered in regional markets like Edeka too, and are selling better and better,’ confirmed Tobias Wussler, Managing Director.

Motivation springs from the source
The values of sustainability and regionality have a long-standing tradition at Karl Knauer. ‘Being a family-run company that has its roots in the Black Forest, shouldering responsibility for people, the environment and nature has always been a matter especially close to our hearts. So sustainability is a key component of our corporate strategy. All our services related to packaging, promotional products, gift packaging and mechanical engineering are geared towards enhancing the efficiency of processes, conserving resources and minimising emissions,’ stated the Management team led by Michael Deronja, stressing the folding box producer’s focus. So it comes as no surprise that Karl Knauer is very passionate about supporting regional suppliers.


Folding boxes for frozen goods and sauces
Folding boxes for frozen goods and sauces
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Gift packaging "Heimat"
Gift packaging "Heimat"
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