Never forget: sustainable alternatives are out there!

Markers made of paper instead of plastic

It’s often the small, seemingly insignificant things that bring about the biggest changes, especially in terms of protecting the environment. But this time the change is bright and colourful and comes in the form of those little self-adhesive tabs that we use for marking important sections of text.

Whereas these have traditionally been made from plastic, manufacturers such as the Black Forest-based packaging and advertising media specialist Karl Knauer have been offering a sustainable, fully recyclable 100 % paper alternative for some time now. “With every piece of plastic we can avoid, we are actively protecting the environment and marine life. That’s why we are delighted that our adhesive note sets, which are free from plastic content and don’t differ in price, are now more in demand than their conventional counterparts,” says Frederik Zecheus, Key Account Manager in Promotional Products at Karl Knauer KG. On the one hand, this is down to an increasing number of customers focusing on sustainability in their business activities and considering this aspect when they purchase office supplies. On the other hand, paper markers also have advantages over their plastic relatives. The small note tabs, which are available in the standard colours of pink, orange, yellow, green and blue, can be written on with any pen and thrown away for recycling with a clear conscience after use. Karl Knauer also offers the exclusive option of customising the paper markers. Whether with or without a logo, with a printed design or in corporate colours, the fact that these paper markers are made entirely from renewable raw materials conveys a highly relevant message.

[Translate to Englisch:] Hardcoverset 03 mit Papiermarkern
Hard cover set 03 with paper markers
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Adhesive set 03 with paper markers
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