Karl Knauer reveals a product relaunch

Product relaunch mey

Natural appeal: 
the new packaging range for mey

When partners share the same aim, things can move pretty quickly. This has been the case for the latest project realised by the well-known women and men’s underwear brand mey in collaboration with Black Forest packaging specialist Karl Knauer. In just three months, the packaging for three underwear collections, “2000”, “Exquisite” and “Noblesse” has been redesigned with a conscious decision to forego the use of plastics. The new mey logo adds the finishing touch to the brand’s fresh appearance.

Maximum comfort, minimum use of resources

Less is often more, and this includes the manufacturing of underwear. The use of only natural materials such as fine-spun cotton, wool and silk, together with a perfect fit, ensures all-round comfort in every situation. The focus on timeless classics is certainly one of the reasons for mey’s worldwide success. The brand's philosophy of concentrating entirely on natural materials and avoiding all non-essential elements, is now also visible in the new packaging developed by mey in collaboration with Karl Knauer. Like the contents, the folding boxes are now entirely made from renewable raw materials. Customers are drawn to the fine-spun cotton, wool or silk products inside, and the natural, warm feel of the cardboard outside. There is not a trace of synthetic materials to be found, either in the high-quality products themselves or the packaging, which is made from 90 percent recycled cardboard.

The right fit matters

The same thing applies to underwear and packaging: it has to be the right fit! Karl Knauer has successfully developed an efficient packaging solution where two different formats are enough to present all products from the three ranges in the best possible way. And the right fit also applies to unpacking. The boxes can be easily opened and shut again at the POS if required without any damage being caused, which means customers get the most out of their new favourite mey items.

“We have enjoyed the best kind of customer relationship with mey for over five years now,” enthuses Rita Schätzle, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer. “We share the same values in terms of quality, sustainability and reliability. This forms a solid foundation with which to explore new, creative and responsible avenues, which lead to solutions such as this packaging range.”

Altes und neues Design mey MyClassics
Old and new design mey MyClassics
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Altes und neues Design mey MyActives
Old and new design mey MyActives
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Produktrelaunch mey
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