Karl Knauer lights up Porsche magazine cover

Porsche book with shining logo

Ready, set, go! Green light for one of the world’s fastest hybrid supercars


Owners of the Porsche 918 Spyder supercar are a select group. This is in part due to the price of the iconic sports car, and also to the fact that only a limited series of 918 units were manufactured. Similarly spectacular to the Stuttgart-produced racing car’s performance and select customer base, is the third edition of the Porsche 918 Spyder Circle periodical, which Karl Knauer KG has produced in collaboration with buch exclusiv GmbH, on behalf of the agency ECD GmbH & Co KG and their tour operator, Pure Travels GmbH in Stuttgart. Once activated, the title captivates the viewer with a magical infinity effect in a distinctive acid green. The ability to achieve such an effect of optical depth on an extremely flat surface structure could well offer opportunities for numerous applications at POS and trade exhibitions.  

Ultra-flat advanced technology for unprecedented depth effect
In the centre of the magazine’s black cover, designed with a characteristic sports car carbon effect, a large white number 918 rests on a round, silver background. At first glance, the current edition of the periodical, which all members of the Porsche 918 Spyder Circle receive annually, looks pretty scaled back. But only at first sight. By pressing the imprinted "ACTIVATE" button on the cover, a magical, acid green light show begins behind the number 918. This green can be found on the Porsche 918 Spyder as the default accent colour for its callipers, wing mirror backs and model name at the rear. 

The infinity effect, integrated by packaging specialist Karl Knauer into an only 6 mm thick cover, has an exceptional feeling of depth: The effect created is a virtually infinite reflection, which reassembles that of a hall of mirrors.

"We are steadily expanding our expertise in the field of smart LEDs and lighting design and are pleased to be able to conquer new market segments through this," says Jürgen Knapps, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer. “Lighting is being used more and more as luminous elements offer new, creative possibilities when customers require special surprise effects. Following various packaging projects, we’ve been able to demonstrate our know-how on a magazine cover – and of course we are proud that this happened to be for the Porsche 918 Spyder Circle periodical." 

Light design with sustainability 
The Black Forest-based packaging experts have pulled out all the stops with their lighting technology – similar to Porsche with their 918 Spyder. And with the same forward-looking and “Made in Germany” approach. Because, just as the sports car impresses with its 345 km/h maximum speed with a consumption of just 3.1 litres per 100 km as a hybrid, so does Karl Knauer with its solutions in regards to efficiency: The HiLight – smart LEDs® technology from Karl Knauer, which was used for the magazine cover, is reduced to a minimal structure height and yet still enables the infinity effects’ unprecedented sense of depth.

“Our aim is to offer our customers solutions that enable light to be integrated into any paper, carton or corrugated cardboard product. Whether this involves small, subtle light accents or elaborate LED choreography – we have the expertise and the experience to implement such projects safely and quickly. The added value that this special wow-effect creates at POS is so significant that we will soon find a variety of packaging, for instance in pharmacies, that surprises us with luminous details,” says Jürgen Knapps, looking ahead into the not so distant future. 

Porsche book with shining logo
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Porsche Buch opened
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