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Gift packaging 2021/22

Gift packaging 2021/22


Regional, sophisticated, striking, and always sustainable: the world of gift-gifting is changing, right now. Bang on time and prior to the start of Christmas trading, Karl Knauer, one of Germany's major producers of gift packaging, is presenting the trends for the year 2021/22. Under the motto “new season. new packaging”, the packaging experts from the Black Forest are putting together an up-to-date programme of wine gift boxes, folding boxes, wine carrier bags, baskets, decorative items and displays made of cardboard, and are showing off what is in vogue for packaging wine and champagne gifts along with spirits.

“Despite Covid-19, we have once again used our trend analysis to track down special highlights and expanded our programme with new designs. We are delighted that following this intense preparation period, we have developed promising varieties of gift packaging that will delight both our distributors and their end customers”, emphasises Thomas Schultheiß, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer. Gift packaging enriches gift giving, and especially in these times of coronavirus, the packaging and safe protection of gifts has gained greater importance. A further trend, without a doubt, is the act of giving a gift and the way in which this takes place. Impressive packaging with refined finishes, natural and celebratory designs strengthen the expression of each gift and also adds value.

Trend towards sustainability and regionality

A sense of home is a priority once more. The desire for regionality and sustainability is becoming more and more visible and in demand, not only for products but also their packaging, such as the Black Forest, the home of the Karl Knauer company. Little wonder, then, that an innovation with a “home/Heimat” design beautifully showcases this trend with a modern interpretation of the typical Black Forest design, a woman in traditional costume with a red Bollenhut. An attractive range of packaging for regional companies, wine and sparkling wine producers, spirits manufacturers or direct marketers and, above all, for delicious greetings from home or holiday regions. Most of all, naturalness and sustainability are in high demand in the packaging sector. Therefore, the use of materials, the feel, the make-up and of course the design itself are all geared towards sustainability. This is also the case when imitating baskets in a natural look, such as the new “wickerwork/Geflecht” design or the “Smile” Kraft beverage bag, which have a natural look but still retain their modernity.

Black is always in

Neutral and sophisticated at the same time, with a predestined surface for silver and gold finishes: all this is offered by gift packaging made from black cardboard. The black cardboard packaging novelty looks like a little treasure chest. The “Gallery/Galerie” design series, for example, features a grey mottled background in a matt look and anthracite black rectangles, which form an exciting contrast with shiny gold relief embossing. In addition, a sophisticated black is used for a new classic wine packaging: in the “Grapes/Weintrauben” gift box, the design is given a special touch thanks to the Struktura VITA surface. The details of the relief embossing are clearly seen and tangible on the outside. The packaging alone is a delight for every wine connoisseur. The “ Christmas greetings/Weihnachtsgrüße” design is also presented with gold embossed finishing on the cover. The design heralds a tasteful Christmas 2021 with international wishes connected by a slim white ribbon.

Fashion colour trend

Life is colourful, and it is for that reason that the new collection contains elegant packaging in sophisticated black or trendy natural shades, along with two coloured boxes in an expressive red and a matt dark blue. Combined with gleaming gold and radiant white, the two new, Christmas-themed gift wrappings create a mood that is both festive and lively. For example, in the red “Snowflakes/Schneeflocken” wine folding box, the ice crystals wrap around the packaging like a wide gift ribbon. The “Christmas gift” design glimmers with matt and gloss effects as well as a new expressive colour. Both novelties increase the anticipation of the festive season and heighten the excitement about what might be contained within the high-quality gift boxes.

Entertainment trend

Gift packaging with an entertaining twist is becoming increasingly popular. One of Karl Knauer’s successful examples is the creative Advent calendars that are now available in a wide range of varieties. The new “Hopfenstadel” beer Advent calendar is both authentic and neutral.  The 24 doors in crown cork shape and natural wooden look can be individually filled with different types of beer and will delight all those beer lovers during the Christmas and Advent season or on birthdays and anniversaries. In addition, the matching, personalised greetings card as a cover lock completes the Advent set, which can be used all year round.

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