Karl Knauer apprentices plant trees

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Embracing sustainability


Working together with the Ortenau Landscape Conservation Association, Biberach’s community forest ranger Christoph Müller and the forestry service Schnaitter, Karl Knauer KG replanted around 1000 square metres of fallow land in Biberach/Baden at the beginning of March.

With the help of four Karl Knauer apprentices, 250 sessile oaks and 50 small-leaved limes were planted to recultivate the fire-damaged area. “Alongside providing our junior employees with the training they need for their careers, we place great value on showing them how important it is to take responsibility, to embrace sustainability and to lend a hand whenever it’s needed,” explains Stefanie Wieckenberg, managing director at Karl Knauer KG. The project offers the apprentices insight into a whole range of aspects, from land preparation, the sourcing of planting supplies and planting itself, to the fitting of special sustainable wooden growth guards that protect the young plants from being damaged by wildlife.

The Deputy Mayor Angelika Ringwald thanks the tree planting campaign on behalf of the municipality of Biberach. "Forests are a habitat for plants and animals and a place of recreation for us humans. Moreover, they are climate protectors and suppliers of raw materials. Summers with little rain, climate change, but also pests cause problems for the tree population. If a forest area is then destroyed by a forest fire, it is all the worse. The planting of 300 seedlings, which was initiated and implemented by Karl Knauer, is therefore an absolute role model," explains Angelika Ringwald.

Sustainability goes beyond borders

“Doing something for nature conservation and environmental protection right here in our local community means a lot to us. It’s an investment in our children’s future,” Stefanie Wieckenberg continues. But Karl Knauer’s commitment to reforestation doesn’t stop there; the company is also engaged in projects in Malawi, Africa. Through the Cologne-based environmental protection organisation ForstFreunde, 1,500 trees are set to be planted in spring on behalf of the packaging specialist, to replenish a forest that has fallen victim to illegal logging and fires. Educational and conservation projects related to Malawi’s Nyika National Park are also being supported through this collaboration with ForstFreunde.

Karl Knauer’s commitment to environmental and climate protection isn’t limited to individual projects, of course. Sustainability is a key component of the company’s corporate strategy. Those with responsibilities in services related to packaging, promotional products, gift packaging and mechanical engineering are focused on increasing the efficiency of processes, conserving resources and minimising emissions. The success of this can be seen in the company’s sustainability report and by the numerous awards the packaging manufacturer is regularly honoured with for its commitment.

Karl Knauer apprentices
Karl Knauer apprentices with the shield
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Karl Knauer tree planting campaign
Participants of the tree planting campaign
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