Jungle packaging wins Gold in the German Packaging Prize 2020

jungle packaging for cosmetics

Karl Knauer KG uses packaging concepts to focus on visionaries


Not only does unusually beautiful packaging transport the product inside, it also enchants us, allowing us to visit another world. In the case of ASAHEGO, it takes us on a trip to the jungles of New Guinea and tells an unbelievable but true story of the discovery of a nearly-forgotten yet beautiful recipe for beauty, shared only by word of mouth. This story is reflected in touching way in the diorama presentation box by ASAHEGO. A high-end cosmetic produced exclusively by The Creammaker in a limited edition.

The multi-level unboxing experience, the storytelling “from the depths of the jungle” along with the emotive product staging created by Antje Urbe (The Creammaker) and Joachim Maatz (Maatz Design) swayed the jury and resulted in a win in the design and refinement category.

This allowed Karl Knauer to celebrate the third creative partner in the team being awarded a prize in this international cross-sector and cross-material performance competition - the German packaging prize - sponsored by the German Federal Minister of Economics and Energy, Peter Altmaier.

Magical jungle feel. Perfectly staged and experienced up close:

Sabine Kuegler, co-founder of The Creammaker, also known as the “Jungle Child”, grew up with the then uncontacted Fayu tribe in West Papua. In her cosmetics, she uses childhood experiences of indigenous knowledge passed on by word of mouth, translating them into modern high-end cosmetics. ASAHEGO consists of 100 percent plant-based active ingredients and is said to contribute to significant skin rejuvenation. In order to set the scene for the origins and philosophy behind ASAHEGO, an elaborate diorama box was created and was made ready for production in collaboration with the experts from Karl Knauer.

The unboxing, or the journey into the depths of the jungle, starts with the opening of the sealed band. The “ASAHEGO” product name is lasered onto its filigree, only hinting at the product that lies behind it. Once the band is untied, a view of the diorama presentation box is revealed. Behind a curtain of plants, complete with a total of four depth levels, rests the bamboo jar containing the hand-mixed cream. Just like the wooden spatula included, the elaborately-crafted vessel is held securely with a cross inlay printed on both sides. This cardboard insert additionally increases the depth effect and serves to stabilise the packaging. At the same time, it forms the support frame, using which the jar can be lifted out of the box. Underneath is the information brochure, also lovingly designed and refined. It tells the unusual story of the discovery of ASAHEGOS from the jungle.

100 % nature – right down to the packaging

Just as ASAHEGO consists of 100% plants, the presentation box is also made of 100% renewable, recyclable paper and cardboard. The high-quality uncoated cardboard materials allow natural cosmetics to be experienced both visually and by touch. Just in case that's going overboard: the box can be fully recycled, meaning it meets the demands of The Creammaker to establish an exclusive, environmentally-conscious brand in the luxury sector.
“We are delighted that the jury valued the packaging concept as a whole and addressed the especially emotive effect that is created above all by unboxing. These emotions underline the central role of packaging - even and particularly when introducing new brands and products”, explains Martin Glatz, Head of Sales, Marketing, Research and Development and member of the management team at Karl Knauer KG.

Winner logo of DVP 2020
Winner logo of DVP 2020 Design Finishing
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Winner logo DVP 2020 Gold
Winner logo DVP 2020 Gold
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Cosmeics packaging with case for ASAHEGO
Cosmeics packaging with case for ASAHEGO
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Cosmetics packaging for ASAHEGO
Cosmetics packaging for ASAHEGO
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