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Adhesive note trend for the home office

Our day-to-day life has changed totally in the last few months: The living room or kitchen has turned into a place of work or study for many.

Home office and/or home schooling are a permanent topic. Digitalisation has advanced significantly. Thus, it would be obvious to enter all notes immediately into the laptop and save them safely there. But studies conducted at Princeton and Los Angeles advocate using pen and paper rather than a computer. Because content written down by hand is much easier to remember and comprehend than any typed information. Writing by hand is in many cases better than typing. This is definitely why notepads and pens are standard items of equipment not only at the workplace but also in many kitchens and living rooms.

Companies have environmental protection more and more on the (adhesive) note

Particularly sustainably produced adhesive notes have enjoyed a real boom in recent years. As a result, the advertising material specialist Karl Knauer has expanded its product range significantly to meet the growing demand. “The environment-friendly version of our adhesive notes ‘Powerstikkies’, made of 100 % recycled paper, has become a real sales success,” reports Frederik Zecheus, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer. “Customers place more importance on sustainability today than a few years ago. When it comes to office equipment, freebies and give-aways for employees and business partners, sustainable, recyclable paper and cardboard products are a huge trend. Just as plastic is out of fashion, our products are experiencing a comeback. So if you are wondering how digital work and adhesive notes go together - both are and will probably remain trendy for the foreseeable future.

Adhesive notes Homeoffice
Adhesive notes Homeoffice
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Adhesive notes Homeschooling
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