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Presenting the Black Forest "Heimat" gift packaging

Presenting the Black Forest "Heimat" gift packaging


Karl Knauer KG, the Biberach-based packaging expert, seeks to add even more impetus to the regionality trend. In collaboration with artist Anette Isabo from Biberach, Germany's leading gift packaging manufacturer has developed packaging that is true to its roots and offers a modern interpretation of the “Black Forest Girl in Gutach folk costume” design. Together with mayor Siegfried Eckert, the project was presented at the Black Forest Open Air Museum Vogtsbauernhof.

Gutach folk costume underlines the region's values

The location for the presentation was not chosen at random: The design depicts the Gutach folk costume traditionally worn on Sundays and holidays. Gutach's mayor Siegfried Eckert is enthusiastic about the idea: “We are of course delighted to support regional campaigns like this one. And we are pleased when companies from the region develop such ideas themselves and, in doing so, promote the local economy.” Thomas Schultheiß, Key Account Manager of the Gift Packaging Business Unit at Karl Knauer KG, explains: “Gutach folk costume with the Bollenhut is associated with our home region in a way that no other is. We therefore acted on this idea quickly and, in collaboration with Anette Isabo, implemented it with excellent and unique results.”

Marketing support for Black Forest products

With the new gift box "Heimat", Karl Knauer establishes a direct link to the Black Forest and thus wishes to support the local region. The packaging is essentially a wine gift carton offering authentic packaging for local products within the regional wine, sparkling wine and spirits trade. Thanks to its stability and a suitable inlay, however, the packaging also serves many other companies, such as regional direct marketers, farm shops and producers, as optimal sales packaging. Filled with regional specialities, the “Heimat” gift box is the perfect souvenir from the Black Forest and is sure to catch the eye of all tourists. On request, the gift packaging can even be customised to feature a specific logo. “Whether from home or the holiday region – the new gift packaging is a perfect way of offering a loving and authentic greeting from the Black Forest,” Thomas Schultheiß is certain.

Expression of a sense of home

Anette Isabo, an artist who is also from Biberach, painted the design on a very old shutter – a copy of which can be seen on the “Heimat” gift packaging. “I mainly focus on portrait painting. In doing so, I always try to reflect the inner being as authentically as possible. This design was about conveying a sense of home and the attachment we have to our region – a very exciting task.”

Flyer gift carton Heimat
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Presenting the Black Forest "Heimat" gift packaging
Presenting the Black Forest "Heimat" gift packaging
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