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Counter display for climate change book

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Greenhouse gases and the majority of non-fiction books have something in common – they are important but they don’t attract attention in everyday life. Two partners, who seem very different at first glance, have come together to change this: young students David Nelles and Christian Serrer from Friedrichshafen and the Black Forest-based packaging specialist Karl Knauer. With their book “Kleine Gase – große Wirkung. Der Klimawandel” (Small Gases – Big Impact. The Climate Emergency), the young authors have managed to summarize complex scientific topics in such a way that it becomes understandable for all. Karl Knauer is helping to ensure that this book gets attention, and that it can be optimally positioned in retail outlets thanks to its own counter display. The completely recyclable cardboard display box, which holds 10 books, is designed to be shipped cost-effectively and to be ready for immediate use at POS. Whether next to the till or in an area where customers spend longer periods of time, the small, beautifully designed books are noticeable straight away in their display and arouse the interest of customers.

Sustainable cardboard display for environmental bestseller

The sales figures show how successful the combination of relevant content and skilful marketing has been. The book, which only costs 5 Euros, can be found on Amazon and Spiegel bestseller lists and is also in great demand in brick-and-mortar bookstores. “We are delighted that we are able to make a small contribution to this special book’s success,” says Thomas Schultheiß, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer. “Because we too are always on the lookout for ways to make our processes even more sustainable to protect the environment. Our packaging made from renewable raw materials and the fact that Karl Knauer has been 100 % carbon neutral at its Biberach production site since 2017 mean we are a perfect fit for what David Nelles and Christian Serrer want to convey. This is why the project has been one of those especially close to our hearts.”

Counter display for climate change book
Counter display for climate change book
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