ECEA for plastic-free toothbrush packaging from Karl Knauer and GSK Consumer Healthcare

Toothbrush packaging Aquafresh with innovative non-plastic window

Huge plastic savings potential recognised with award


With its new plastic-free toothbrush packaging for the Dr.Best and Aquafresh brands, packaging expert Karl Knauer – together with GSK Consumer Healthcare and M+C Schiffer – has now also received the European Carton Excellence Award 2021, following the German Packaging Award. The expert jury awards first prize in the “General Packaging, Recycled Fibre” category to recognise a major milestone in the sustainable packaging of everyday and consumer goods: “This cardboard packaging will reduce the use of plastic enormously – tons of waste can be saved. That being said, the packaging is well designed, looks very appealing thanks to the use of natural cardboard and it also has a very nice feel to it,” remarks jury member Dr Janet Shipton in explaining the top-level award-

Toothbrush packaging without plastic creates huge savings potential when it comes to packaging waste

The award-winning toothbrush packaging has it all: it is hygienic, safe, attractively designed and, at the same time, environmentally friendly. This is a completely plastic-free design consisting of sustainable and recycled materials. As such, it presents the product via a plastic-free window to ensure that the consumer is still able to see the familiar oscillating head of the toothbrushes. A further advantage of the innovative window: The packaging can be completely disposed of in the paper bin without the need for separation.

“We feel it every day, the growing importance of sustainable packaging for brand manufacturers and consumers. Environmental sensitivity in relation to packaging – including toothbrush packaging – will gradually increase. This is why the new toothbrush packaging was also developed with the intention of significantly increasing awareness at the point of sale,” explains Dominik Pfaff, Project Manager at Karl Knauer. The new packaging design and composition will provide brilliant results for all target groups in every respect.

One of the most important awards in Europe

The European Carton Excellence Award is one of the most important and prestigious awards for packaging design in Europe. The award recognises forward-looking, fibre-based packaging concepts.

Satkar Gidda, who chaired the jury, comments on this year's competition: “As was the case last year, the trend now is that more and more entrants are either reducing the amount of plastic in their packaging or eliminating plastic altogether.” First and foremost, it is necessary to think carefully about packaging and design it with care to ensure a tangible benefit for consumers AND the environment.

Toothbrush packaging Aquafresh with innovative non-plastic window
Toothbrush packaging Aquafresh with innovative non-plastic window
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