Appreciation during the pandemic

Gift packaging to say "thank you"

Gift packaging becomes more and more popular

Gifts to show gratitude and solidarity: COVID-19 has created a thank-you trend. Germany’s leading gift packaging specialist Karl Knauer (Biberach/Baden) reports a rise in gift packaging production as preparations for the Christmas season get under way. Interestingly, a large proportion of this gift packaging is for thanking employees and customers and often takes the form of packaging for bottles of wine or sparkling wine.

“The gift culture is changing. Many company managers and those in the business world are looking to convey their gratitude to employees, colleagues and customers during this crisis. Opportunities to show appreciation amidst a pandemic are steadily increasing, especially as we head towards the end of the year and the Christmas shopping season,” says Thomas Schultheiß, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer, explaining the current growth in the gift industry. “Towards the end of the year, those in positions of responsibility are taking the time to reflect on who has contributed positively during the crisis, whether this is company-based or, for example, in a hospital, care home, administrative or institutional setting. A thank-you gift for customers and suppliers, in the way of wine or sparkling wine, and presented in your own packaging, is on trend, can be produced at manageable cost and quality is assured. And by choosing regional wines, sparkling wines or spirits, you can also show solidarity with local producers!

Special edition gift packaging or custom design?

The options available for creating custom, high-quality gift boxes are becoming more and more diverse. Gift packaging manufacturers such as Karl Knauer are seeing a high level of interest in custom packaging with logo embossing, especially in the beverage segment. Special editions with selected design options are also very popular according to Thomas Schultheiß. The selection is proving increasingly attractive, even for smaller print runs. “We have years of experience, a sound understanding of the beverage industry and knowledge of current trends. Regardless whether working with a major company or a winegrower’s cooperative; we know what the market demands are and this continues to prove successful during the pandemic.”

Catalogue Gift Packaging 2021/22
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Gift packaging with "thank you" motifs
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Carrier bags with "thank you" motifs
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Gift packaging with "thank you" motifs
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Example of embossed gift packaging
Gift packaging individually refined: Kolonne Null
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Example of embossed gift packaging
Gift packaging individually refined: Barth
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Gift packaging to say "thank you"
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