Sustainability has a long tradition at our company.

Consumers and customers are becoming more environmentally conscious –they want to assume responsibility for future generations. And we're glad that is the way it is. A higher level of environmental consciousness from the consumer leads to a higher demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging: The trend is called "Green packaging".

In terms of sustainability, Karl Knauer has long been known as one of the innovators in the packaging and advertising materials industry. Our company roots in the Black Forest give us a certain degree of commitment to both man and nature. As a modern packaging and advertising materials manufacturer we started aligning ourselves, our products and our company to the change in environmental consciousness a long time ago.

For us, sustainability is an economic principle.

Economy, ecology and social responsibility are the pillars of our sustainability strategy. It is a central element of our corporate philosophy. Again and again, Karl Knauer makes bold innovations – through packaging designs that use remarkably little material, through responsible procurement policy, FSC®(FSC-C005891) certificates or advising on ecological packaging options – to name just a few of our initiatives

Even in management and employee responsibility topics we think and act in a sustainable manner. We have a high investment quota and maintain long-term customer relationships. Our employees receive long-term support and excellent possibilities to further their education.

EcoSmart Packaging by Karl Knauer: Our activities in an overview

Packaging development

  • low material usage

  • ecologically sound finishing

  • responsible procurement policy for paper / cardboard

  • FSC®(FSC-C005891) and PEFC™ certificates

  • advice on environmental packaging alternatives

  • Use of innovative cartonboard materials


  • environmental certificates ISO 14001

  • energy Management certicates ISO 50001

  • waste management

  • performance measurement system to continuously improve the environmental performance of energy / water / waste / emissions

  • energy generation with the use of our own photovoltaic System


  • long-term corporate policy

  • high degree of capital investment

  • employee development

  • long-term customer relationships

  • development and support of region


  • high level of vocational training

  • advanced internal training possibilities

  • low level of fluctuation

  • flexible working time models for enabling a positive work-life Balance

  • in-house daycare facility for children "Fliegerkiste"


  • Supply chain partnership

  • Constant performance increase

  • Customer proximity of SMEs linked to the performance of a European market leader


  • Karl Knauer Foundation


The natural advantage of a packaging factory, that is to say packaging made of cardboard, corrugated cardboard and paper, is not good enough for us. We make an effort to take further action to protect our planet. Our certificates and the decreasing environmental values confirm this. We do not only ensure environmental orientation within our company, but truly contribute to the battle against climate change by means of sensible counselling of our customers with respect to environmentally friendly materials. We have received several awards for this.