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Bright future

21.12.2017 11:44AM

Karl Knauer KG wins Promotional Gift Award 2018 for illuminated Coca-Cola label

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BRC certification completed

12.12.2017 11:21AM

Karl Knauer Group positions itself as “Expert in Food Packaging”

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The state’s best apprentice comes from Karl Knauer!

06.12.2017 03:17PM

Helmut Feuchter is the state's best apprentice in the Profession Print Media Technician

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HEPACK druck+verpackung GmbH becomes Karl Knauer GmbH

15.11.2017 04:13PM

Name change as of 01 December 2017

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Extraordinary mailing

10.11.2017 10:24AM

Karl Knauer develops and produces mailing for Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

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Award bestowed once again

23.10.2017 09:07AM

Karl Knauer KG has been awarded the German Design Award 2018

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Christmas is just around the corner

12.10.2017 04:48PM

Impressive wrapping with baskets and trays

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Training 2017

08.09.2017 09:37AM

Career start for the apprentices of Karl Knauer KG

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Hardcover Sets

04.09.2017 01:25PM

Extreme stability of advertising

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Packaging specialist receives award

21.08.2017 02:39PM

Karl Knauer KG wins the 2017 German Packaging Award

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Karl Knauer produces solar eclipse glasses

17.08.2017 03:35PM

2017 solar eclipse in USA

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Karl Knauer’s environmental commitment nominated for Druck&Medien Awards

03.08.2017 08:42AM

Naturally award-worthy

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A special kind of gift packaging for any occasion

21.07.2017 02:37PM

Gift packaging 2017/18

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Certificate for social engagement

18.07.2017 02:19PM

Karl Knauer KG receives a certificate for social engagement!

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Advent calendar with liquid filling

12.07.2017 09:05AM

Unique concept

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Karl Knauer KG obtains a majority interest in HEPACK druck+verpackung GmbH

06.07.2017 10:15AM

// Karl Knauer KG obtains a majority interest in HEPACK GmbH // Successful growth strategy required expansion of capacity // HEPACK brings in...

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Powerstikkies are the first choice

03.07.2017 01:59PM

Never-ending sticking

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Right of way for the memo box!

07.06.2017 01:42PM

Advertising note pads

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Acting sustainably

30.05.2017 02:14PM

Karl Knauer KG is a carbon neutral company

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A glance into the future with VR glasses

15.05.2017 02:28PM

Karl Knauer KG at the BIM Offenburg

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Note-sculpture is a very special promotional gift

03.05.2017 04:05PM

Excellent design for advertising

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Girls´ Day 2017

28.04.2017 03:24PM

12 girls explored Karl Knauer KG

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All-round eyecatcher "colourline"

18.04.2017 10:11AM

Trend edge cutting print

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Treasure chest with chocolate surprises

21.03.2017 10:20AM

Special exclusive advent gift

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Advent calendars that have it all!

21.03.2017 09:43AM

Special gift for the end of the year

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Packaging Innovations 2017, Berlin

14.03.2017 09:33AM

Feel taste, see weight, smell colour Multi-sensorics for packaging in a whole new dimension!

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Promotional tool "Candy cone"

07.03.2017 10:39AM

Creative idea for the first day at school

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