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HiLight – printed OLEDs®

Awarded with German Packaging Award 2017 and German Design Award 2018.
Together with Inuru GmbH we present the advanced successor of our "HiLight – printed electronics®"-technology: an illuminated packaging/label based on printed, flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). OLEDs are merely a few nanometres-thin self-illuminating surfaced light sources and comprise organic semi-conductors. They can be fully printed with all the electronic components including the batteries.

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Our impressively different apprenticeship

What does an industrial business management assistant do? And what types of vocational training are available in the IT, media design, and mechatronics sectors? Watch the brand-new video created by the apprentices of Karl Knauer KG to get information on the career options offered by the company.

Luminescent packaging for "Bombay Sapphire"

Pure innovation. The folding carton for the high-quality spirit "Bombay Sapphire" is the world's first frequently sold packaging that features printed active illuminating areas – realised with the trademarked technology "HiLight – printed electronics"- With the use of an intuitive mechanism, the light animation on the front of the packaging is triggered as soon as it is held in the hand. The individual design elements begin illuminating in five different levels from bottom to top. This packaging sets new standards for the presentation of a brand at the point of sale (POS) and the level of attention it receives. Karl Knauer KG (Biberach/Baden) implemented this innovative technology for Bacardi for the first time.

Karl Knauer wins the 2012 prevention prize

Every two years one of the most recognised, and sought-after honours, is awarded for occupational safety: the prevention prize from the employer's liability organisation for energy, textile, electronic and media production industries (BG ETEM). This time the prevention prize's silver medal - under the slogan "Good ideas for occupational safety from practice for practice" - went to Karl Knauer KG in Biberach for its outstanding achievements in occupational safety.

The packaging media guy: Operational folding carton

Come and join Karl Knauer and you could become a superhero, too!

Consumers are confronted with packaging each and every day, in the most diverse areas of life, and in everyday situations. Packaging is a matter of course and we take it for granted. But what would happen if we didn't have packaging?

The packaging technologist trainees, in their second and third years of training, took this question a step further and developed their own short film which provides a cheeky and humorous answer to that question, shows the creation of packaging, and presents the multifaceted occupational profile of the packaging technologist.

AR game "Can throwing"

The ultimate augmented reality (AR) game is our top innovation in the advertising media segment. Karl Knauer high-tech puts a shooting gallery on your desk and ensures many rounds of great fun. You can't image what that looks like? Be quick, click. Virtual reality makes a really good impression!

AR animation "fireworks"

Another advertising media for the new generation: augmented reality (AR) brings a fireworks display straight to your desk. Watch here how it works and let the innovative technology send sparks flying for you. Glowing eyes are guaranteed.