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Luminous Innovations

HiLight – printed OLEDs®

Together with Inuru GmbH, we present the development of the HiLight – printed electronics®- technology: bright packaging/bright label based on printed, flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). Awarded five national and international awards.

HiLight – smart LEDs®

A patented innovation by Karl Knauer which – being a minimalist creation – integrates light, into every paper, cardboard or corrugated cardboard product in an aesthetic, functional and affordable way to develop a sustainable solution that is “made in Germany”. Together we will make your ideas shine.

HiLight – printed electronics®

Pure innovation. The cardboard box for the high-quality spirit drink "Bombay Sapphire" is probably the world's first over-the-counter packaging with a printed, actively illuminated surface - realised with proprietary HiLight –  printed electronics® technology. The lighting animation is triggered when lifting the packaging: The individual design elements separated into five levels, begin to shine.

Mechanical engineering from packaging specialist

Intelligence in manufacturing

Passion, know-how, perfection - in every one of our packaging machines. Thanks to our more than 80 years of experience in packaging manufacturing and over 40 years in the construction of packaging machines, we can provide you with practical advice.

With us you get performance and perfection, as well as plenty of passion

An apprenticeship at an innovative company

What do packaging technology technicians do? And what are the tasks involved in the areas of computer science, media design and mechatronics? These and even more questions about apprenticeships at Karl Knauer are answered in our video - a project by our apprentices!

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