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Karl Knauer wins World-Star-Award 2017

09.12.2016 12:02PM

International jury is fascinated

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Two awards at once

09.11.2016 01:38PM

Druck and Medien Award 2016 for the Karl Knauer KG

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Karl Knauer KG wins the German Design Award 2017

24.10.2016 10:00AM

Distinguished in shape and function

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VISCOM 2016 Frankurt

18.10.2016 04:33PM

Karl Knauer KG presents innovative ideas for the POS

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Generationswechsel bei Karl Knauer: Stefanie Wieckenberg und Olaf Pohl

A new generation at Karl Knauer

23.09.2016 08:30PM

Stefanie Wieckenberg the new acting partner

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Double honour

07.09.2016 03:49PM

Karl Knauer KG wins the PSI Award 2016 in two categories

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No lack of trainees

05.09.2016 09:11AM

Trainees start with the Karl Knauer KG

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FachPack 2016 Nuremberg

27.07.2016 08:48AM

Packaging for tomorrow's world

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Packaging of the future lights up with OLED

25.07.2016 09:16AM

Market innovation

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Gift packaging 2016/17: The new programme has arrived

22.07.2016 10:37AM

Giving at its best with nacre and wood appearance

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Certificate for social engagement

18.07.2016 11:25AM

Karl Knauer KG receives a certificate for social engagement!

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Improved organisation with the box

05.07.2016 10:53AM

New office organizer with a lot of space for anything important.

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Triple convincing

05.07.2016 09:45AM

Trio-Pad note pad with 3D effect!

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Discovering the unrecognised potential?

23.06.2016 12:04PM

Creativity of children and teenagers

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Packaging for tomorrow's world

16.06.2016 12:33PM

Fair "Packaging Innovations"

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All-round eyecatcher "colourline"

10.05.2016 11:10AM

Trend edge cutting print

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Excellent compatibility of family and career

06.05.2016 08:28AM

Karl Knauer KG wins familyNET Award

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Insight into exciting technical professions!

03.05.2016 10:07AM

Girl’s Day 2016 at Karl Knauer

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Clever notes on the go

02.05.2016 11:12AM

Cardboard memo box

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Advent calenders that pack a punch

29.04.2016 11:36AM

The special gift at the end of the year

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See more – Virtual Reality at the career information fair

28.04.2016 10:00AM

Successful initiative of the Karl Knauer KG

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Right of way for the memo box!

15.04.2016 11:40AM

New advertising note pads

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Extremely steady advertising

29.03.2016 09:47AM

Advertising media "Hardcover Sets"

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Stable with a long-lasting effect

15.03.2016 02:30PM

Advertising medium "Smart phone holder"

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Karl Knauer KG presents novelties at the ProWein

09.02.2016 10:28AM

Surprising and innovative

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Karl Knauer KG wins the iF Design Award 2016

27.01.2016 03:52PM

Award winning advertising

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Glenmorangie packaging is "preeminent"

27.01.2016 03:42PM

Karl Knauer wins Promotional Gift Award

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