Bright future

Karl Knauer KG wins Promotional Gift Award 2018 for illuminated Coca-Cola label

A technical revolution for Coca-Cola delighted the expert jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2018 – and incidentally heralded a new era of brand staging at the point of sale (POS). The packaging specialist Karl Knauer and their partner Inuru GmbH were awarded a prize for the illuminated label in the category “Refinement technology”. The innovative technology was developed and patented by Inuru. The printed, flexible organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) impressively show what is already possible thanks to OLED-printing: Brand presentations at the POS which magically attract attention and at the same time are completely sustainable and environmentally compatible.
Organic light emitting diodes refine the packages of the future
The prototype of the illuminated label was jointly developed by the Karl Knauer KG and the Inuru GmbH by order of Coca-Cola. When pressing a printed “Play” symbol, the label starts to shine. The light effect is so strong that it catches one’s eyes even in bright daylight.

OLEDS are only a few nanometres thick, self-radiating, planar light sources consisting of organic semiconductors. They are fully printed with all electronic components, including batteries. The benefit: Compared to electroluminescence the OLEDs are 100-500 times brighter, however, require only a fraction of the energy and can be used cost effectively even on heavily arched surfaces.

Green revolution: produced in a sustainable way and 100% recyclable
In the packaging industry the OLED technology is regarded as a sustainable smart, green revolution, because the elements used can be recycled and easily disposed of in accordance with the legal requirements. Even composting is possible. Thanks to the thin design only a minimum material input is required, which can be recycled through recovered paper.

The future is bright:
In just a few years this OLED technology will even enable displays to be printed on thin paper, on which video contents can be played. Another revolution for the entire communication sector and brand staging! Ideas for the use of the OLED refinement are unlimited: From packaging, labels, stand-up displays through to newspaper ads or on advertising material – messages can be impressively staged for numerous applications and a vast number of variations with the OLED technology. These great prospects for tomorrow’s POS should make the eyes of the marketing sector beam.