Shining beauty

Bright cosmetics packaging from the Black Forest wins the display Superstar Award 2019

The luminous folding box series, which Karl Knauer created for the Swiss premium cosmetics brand “elline Switzerland”, has won the display Superstar Award 2019 in January at viscom, Europe's trade fair for visual communication. The integrated packaging concept, which uniquely conveys the brand name “elline”, which means “the shining one”, has won gold in the “Packaging” category.

The cosmetics industry, renowned for its luxurious presentation of its products, has a new highlight. This is because Swiss Premium Cosmetics AG is the first company operating in this market segment to take advantage of the innovative opportunities offered by the use of light in and on packaging. The Black Forest packaging specialists behind the smart lighting effect as well as the elaborate design and high-quality finishing of the folding boxes, have developed a packaging solution that renders the product promise of "shining skin" tangible at the POS. When a package of the anti-ageing collection "Treasures of Youth" is opened, the lettering of the name begins to glow brightly. Even more spectacular is the top product of the line, the 24k Lifting Serum, in which real gold crystals float. Sliding open the packaging activates an integrated lighting effect that illuminates the interior of the velvet-bedded bottle. When the packaging is closed, the secret of the user's youthful complexion disappears again.

The warm golden glossy sliding folding box features a perfect combination of film lamination, double hot-foil embossing and UV matt varnish, and the "Treasures of Youth" lettering subtly punched out by laser.

“Of course, we are delighted to receive this award for this truly exceptional packaging series. We were able to demonstrate our entire competence both in terms of lighting technology and design as well as finishing. The fact that this is recognised by experts is, of course, a special honour", explains Bernd Wussler, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer KG, who was instrumental in supervising this project.