Handing over the baton at Karl Knauer KG

Joachim Würz retires

After nearly 19 eventful and successful years as part of the management team of packaging specialist Karl Knauer, a small celebration was held yesterday to mark the retirement of Joachim Würz (65). As a member of the three-strong management team since 2000, Würz was heavily involved in the acquisition of the Pniewy factory in Poland, the modernisation and expansion thereof, the introduction of SAP 2012 and the greater flexibility of the company.

Under his tenure, the company grew from 400 to over 800 employees as production space expanded to 38,000 square metres in spite of tough conditions in the packaging industry. In the process, turnover doubled has to over €90 million, the level expected by the company in 2019. The foundations for the positive development of Karl Knauer were laid in 2006/07 when the processes of the packaging specialist were comprehensively redefined for the long term with the support of Porsche Consulting and the entire organisation was fully restructured. Thanks in large part to the expertise and vision of Würz, consistent strategic investment was made in the machine park and buildings as well as technical equipment; in 2010, for example, around €7.5 million was invested at Biberach headquarters to install a new Heidelberg printing machine and convert the plant to support integration of the high-tech system.

At the farewell ceremony, Management Board spokesman Richard Kammerer thanked Würz for his commitment and his outstanding contribution to the company. “This was a long-standing partnership based on trust, and one we always prized very highly. On behalf of the entire workforce, we would like to thank Mr. Würz for the invaluable impetus he provided and his dedication to the company. From now on, the question he would always ask to remind us of our role and spur us on to peak performance – ‘what is radically different here?’ – is one we will have to ask for ourselves. In continuing to do so, we will always be reminded of you!”

To prepare for the transition, Würz’s successor Kai Rössig assumed his managerial duties in May. While Joachim Würz can now relax into a new chapter of his life with many good wishes ringing in his ears, Rössig, a graduate engineer specialising in manufacturing technology, is looking forward to the tasks ahead.