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Gift Packaging 2019/20

As soon as we enter the second half of the year, the countdown commences for Christmas business in many sectors. For this reason, Karl Knauer KG, one of Germany’s largest providers of gift packaging, is already introducing its current line of cardboard boxes, wine carrier bags, baskets, cases, decorative articles and cardboard displays, and showing off the latest trends in wine and sparkling wine gift packaging. 

Every market segment has its own specific needs to be taken into account when moving around in it. Of course, this also applies to specialised stores for cellar supplies and specialised beverage retailers, which are not only concerned with optics, but also with protection and stability in the area of packaging. As a prominent packaging specialist, Karl Knauer has been working closely with the industry for decades and knows the needs of both the retail industry and its consumers. A glance at the current presentation packaging program of the Black Forest company shows this, because it covers all tastes in terms of both design and packaging. Three main trends can be seen in the innovations presented by the Black Foresters:

Trend 1

Natural: Sustainability is a trump card
Karl Knauer's "PURE line" is an example of the fact that this year the eyes of the gift’s receiver, not the packaging itself, should shine above all. Just as in the last season, the subject of "sustainability" plays a central role in present packaging. The Fridays-for-Future movement has also increased environmental awareness in levels of society and in all walks of life. This is why the "PURE line" series is with the current spirit of the times more than ever. Reduced to the essentials, the packaging acts as a timelessly minimalist statement in natural colours or black. The 100% environmentally-friendly packaging made from cardboard is characterised by its natural appearance and effective haptics. Individual embossing creates an exciting contrast to the natural cardboard while advertising in a modern yet sustainable way. Karl Knauer has taken account of the increased demand for sustainable products by significantly expanding its “PURE line”. Therefore, there will be six-bottle presentation boxes, carry boxes, carry bags, gift cassettes and presentation baskets.

Trend 2

Presentation: Subtle lines and designs.
This year, our motto "less is more" also applies to the motifs. Delicate, playful line drawings replace large-scale photographic prints on the boxes and bags. Whether it’s the year-round motif "Favourite Wine" or the atmospheric "Winter Time", with the branches of fir, red berries and delicate snowflakes, the drawings leave plenty of room for the cardboard material and highlight the trendy natural "Look & Feel". Both variations are available as two- and three-pack wine presentations and complement the popular classic wine motifs, which will stay in the line-up.
This year, natural and earth colours set the tone: Whether it’s the "PURE" cardboard brown or black, the gray, anthracite and brown tones of the Struktura VITA series, the "Vinothek" cardboard, all in terracotta colours, or the brand new "Rustic" 2-layer display, designed in genuine wood, which offers space for presenting about 100 bottles – naturalness is the connecting thread running through the portfolio.

Trend 3

Fragrance! Enjoy Christmas with all your senses. 
But, of course, there is still a large target group looking for particularly high-quality, rich packaging ideas, especially for Christmas bonuses. We meet the continuing high demand for refinement with gold or silver foils and special structural cartons such as those found in the Structura VITA series, which are also available in the new colour variation "anthracite" from the 2019/20 season. As a particularly refined novelty, Karl Knauer currently offers a carton with "fir fragrance” in its collection, which is fully printed and decorated with gold stars. It has the fragrance of fresh pine as soon as one touches the attached branches. The packaging experts are sure that this will be one of the best sellers in the Christmas market.