Visible success

OLED – a bright future: Karl Knauer wins the German Innovation Award 2018

A bright Coca-Cola label makes Karl Knauer one of the “bright” winners of the German Innovation Awards.  The packaging specialist from Biberach has once again won a prize for the bottle label with the integrated OLED technology from INURU GmbH. The light effect of the label, which is activated by pressing a printed “play” sign, is so strong that it stands out even in bright daylight and is able to attract everyone’s attention. This is possible because of printed, flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which are not only extremely effective in advertising, but also completely sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Those in charge of the German Innovation Award, who have set themselves the goal of “honouring innovations that shape the future and improve lives,” are excited: within a few years, OLED technology will even be able to print displays on thin paper on which video content can be played. This is a revolution for the entire communications industry and brand staging! There are no limits to the imagination for using OLED displays: from packaging, labels, displays to magazines or advertising material - for countless applications in infinite variations, messages can be impressively displayed with OLED technology. These fantastic prospects for tomorrow's point of sale are likely to make the eyes of marketeers light up.


OLEDs are flat, self-emitting light sources, just a few nanometers in thickness, that consist of organic semiconductors. They are fully printed with all electronic components including the batteries. The advantage: In contrast to electroluminescence, OLEDs are 100-500 times brighter, but they require only a fraction of the energy and can be used inexpensively even on heavily curved surfaces.  In the future, even video content will be printable on the OLED labels.