Sustainable Customer Loyalty

Advent Calendar

However hectic the run up to Christmas might be, it remains a lovely tradition to thank business partners, customers and employees for all their hard work. Of course, if such a thank you is combined with a tasteful gift to make that end of year push a little sweeter, it is even more welcome. This is one of the reasons why Advent calendars have been popular best sellers in the promotional products industry for years. And of course, such a gift also enables you to draw attention to your corporate brand for almost an entire month.

The peak period for Advent calendars is under way

Orders have been flooding in for the Black Forest-based packaging specialist Karl Knauer since the spring. In addition to custom-designed Advent calendars that are filled to customer specifications, two products are especially in demand: The first is a elaborately designed “Book”, containing 24 little boxes, which are filled with high-quality chocolates. The second is the “Beer” Advent calendar variant, which is very popular for all those who enjoy treats of the liquid kind. It consists of cardboard outer packaging, usually produced using the company’s corporate design, into which a commercial beer crate is inserted. This means that a view of, or rather access to, a regional speciality beer awaits behind each door and guarantees seasonal high spirits.
Both Advent calendars are also impressive in terms of sustainability as they are (minus the filling) made entirely from cardboard.