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Adhesive Notes in Times of Corona

Simple and creative solutions is what people want in times of crisis above all. There is no time for experiments when things get tough or have to be done in a hurry, and we tend to stick with what we know and love wherever possible. When that does not work, we need to get creative. Right now, with the corona crisis dominating everything, we can see this happening with one of the most popular promotional gifts ever. Adhesive note products are booming.

During ‘normal’ times, these practical sticky notes are given away to make life easier in the office, promote brands, and as trade fair goodies. Since the start of the year – after the coronavirus outbreak – more and more companies are using these notes to communicate messages and information: as a notice that a desk or hotel room has been disinfected, a reminder of the social distancing rules, or any other information for customers and staff. The possible uses are as versatile as the note blocks and formats available. According to one of Germany’s leading promotional product specialist, Black Forest based Karl Knauer KG, they have even been used as protective covers on shopping trolley handles. 

“We can clearly see how the way our customers communicate has changed during the corona pandemic. Instead of advertising marketing messages, they now focus on disseminating information. The content may be different, but the objective is still essentially the same: to let customers know that they are important and that the company is thinking about them,” explains Frederik Zecheus, Key Account Manager for Promotional Products at Karl Knauer. He goes on to explain: “There is a huge demand for sticky notes at the moment because they are easy to make, can be produced at low cost, and the designs can be incredibly flexible.”

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