Megatrends are Packaging Trends

Karl Knauer presents innovative solutions at FachPack

At the end of September the who-is-who in the world of packaging is again gathering at the trade fair in Nuremberg, where packaging experts from around the globe present their proposed solutions for the packaging of the future. The significance of packaging has increased considerably in previous years. After all, the consumer makes the decision whether to buy at the point of sale. As a specialist in packaging, advertisements and gift packaging Karl Knauer KG must not miss out on one of the most renowned packaging trade fairs in Europe. The innovative capacity of the experts from the Black Forest is well known in the industry, and it has been acknowledged with the presentation of major awards. Also this year Karl Knauer KG's numerous innovations and trend-setting packaging solutions show that the company has identified the megatrends of the industry and that it is capable of pursuing them with advanced technologies.

Megatrends in the World of Packaging
The role of packaging has gone through a fundamental transformation in previous years. Where it once served the sole function of protecting products, it has in the meantime become one of the most significant and indispensable marketing tools. Over 1.14 million brands struggle to get the attention of consumers. The implementation of cross-media shows what it's really about. It's important that the packaging catches the eye of the consumer. It is no longer sufficient to rely on a single form of advertising. Rather the importance of appealing to potential customers through as many channels as possible is steadily increasing. Whether the packaging features classic or modern refinements, or even printed electronics, an increasing number of companies rely on Karl Knauer's diverse technological solutions in the struggle to attract the attention of customers.  After all, packaging contributes to brand recognition. Apart from the feel and look of packaging, the question of ecological manufacturing and sustainable disposal is also increasing in importance. Functionality has therefore become more extensive and demanding. "Megatrends mold the new packaging experiences of the consumer. This is why we develop the possibilities for production engineering while always keeping an eye on the most important megatrends“, says Martin Glatz, Director of Sales and Marketing at Karl Knauer. Marketing tools that appeal to the human limbic system, ones that plant the impulse to buy in the mind of the consumer before one is even aware of it. The "first moment of truth" when the decision whether to buy is made is triggered by the effect of the packaging on the limbic system, i.e. the human emotional and value system. Analyses of the limbic profiles of target groups helps in the design of packaging so that customers show a preference to buy. After all the sales packaging provides the impression of whether to buy.

The Cross-media Marketing Megatrend
Cross-media refers to communication via several channels linked in terms of content, design and editing that leads the consumer to various media while referring to a feedback channel. The increased significance of cross-media marketing can be traced back to changes in consumer behaviour. Consumers are using numerous and increasingly diverse media channels, making it more difficult to reach them through only a single channel. Cross-media, including the concept of "print-to-web", makes it possible to address consumers through numerous channels and by doing so significantly boost advertising success. Karl Knauer KG networks various smart elements on packaging, displays and advertising material in order to make cross-media marketing possible. The top-prize prime example: advertising media with integrated "augmented reality". With it Karl Knauer KG has become the first producer of classic advertising media to link it to the virtual, three-dimensional world. Whether information, advertising messages or an interactive game – packaging, displays and corporate gifts that feature the technical refinements of of "augmented reality" (AR) demonstrate innovation and a spirit of the times. And the message spreads at lightning speed. The customers' logos or advertising messages are further amplified by the experience of a virtual three-dimensional world in the middle of one's familiar setting. The application is incredibly uncomplicated and compatible with smart phones and tablet PCs or iPads. Further smart packaging opportunities with high-quality refinements are available with the help of printed electronics. Implementation in the "HiLight" area includes the integration of light and, in future, animated images. Karl Knauer presents the first market implementation of this technique on packaging on the FachPack. Karl Knauer has also included the continual development and optimisation of techniques such as RoyalTex – the individually woven packaging, holographic prints and the implementation of 3D lenses in the agenda. As the sole member of the Organic Electronics Association (OEA) in the packaging industry, Karl Knauer further demonstrates its innovative market leadership in this area. The packaging of the future will be characterised by numerous smart packaging functions. The most important feature: the packages "think". Smart bar codes signal to the consumer when a product expires and nanotechnology helps to keep products fresher for a longer period of time while cutting down on packaging material at the same time.

The Megatrend of Sustainability
Designing packaging sustainably is another major aspect of the packaging business. The sustainable perspective refers to both the manufacture and later disposal of the packaging. A healthy society places importance on an environmentally friendly and sustainable production chain. The competition of values has displaced price competition. No longer the lowest prices but rather the sustainable and ecological manufacture of products and packaging inspires customers and provides the impetus to buy.  Karl Knauer has set the tone as an innovative partner especially in the field of packaging for the chemical industry. Value-added packaging plays an important role in this case. An exemplary implementation of this on part of Karl Knauer KG is, for example, a folding box with an integrated measuring cup that consists of a single carton blank (single-material). Therefore only one further production step is required for the combination of product and packaging. The manufacture consumes little material and energy, leading to a sustainable overall process. The folding box can be set up, filled and closed in a single fully automatic process. After being used the empty packages are recycled. The exclusive use of recyclable raw materials ensures complete recirculation. Time and resources are saved at every step of the process, resulting in a reduction of overall costs, which is completely compatible with the concept of sustainability.

The Megatrend of "The Self at the Centre"
The customisation of certain products to the customers' individual wants and needs is another megatrend. From breakfast cereals which one can combine and have sent online to Karl Knauer gift boxes one can design on one's own, customers expect that their wants and needs can be met. Karl Knauer's new online presence sets standards in this regard. As the first and only manufacturer to do so, Karl Knauer offers customers the opportunity to easily design and order individual gift packaging online. Minimum orders of only 25 items are possible, and despite the low volume of packaging, they can be refined with a high-quality print or classy hot foil stamping. Whether gift boxes, folding boxes, carrying cartons, gift boxes, carrying bags, wooden boxes or displays – prä provides the largest selection of customisable gift packages. The customer chooses a package from Karl Knauer's extensive and successful range of exclusive gift packages and individually refines it with a high-grade print or high-quality hot foil stamping. Whether for an anniversary, a personal Christmas gift or a professional presentation of products in a high-quality individual package – prä provides the individual packaging of your choice for all occasions - it's easy, quick and convenient. By taking this step Karl Knauer is providing customers a new dimension of design possibilities, speed and flexibility. This is currently the largest supply gap on market.  Customers, whether wine producers, wine retailers, industrial and commercial companies, banks, insurance providers, clubs or individuals, want to be able to order individual packages for the widest variety of occasions in smaller volumes. Previously only minimum orders of 500 items were available, and the minimum order for customised printing was 2000 items. Taking this into account, prä marks a (small) revolution on the gift packaging market.

What’s Next: Packaging of the Future
Karl Knauer is already innovative. But in the future the packaging experts will continue to astound with high-tech solutions. Target group recognition at point of sale is one of them. Digital signage elements will make it possible to precisely adapt advertisements to age and gender and therefore specific target groups. The future trend of everyday use of a virtual supermarket is also not far off. Karl Knauer is also keeping pace in this regard and is exploring which forms and functions the packages for products from virtual shops require. It is an exciting yet certain prospect that the packaging experts from the Black Forest will recognise and implement these trends in future.

High-quality refined folding box with silver foil, 3D lens effect and hybrid finish (single image)

High-quality refined folding box with silver foil, 3D lens effect and hybrid finish (group image)

Measuring cup made of a single carton blank (lying flat for transport)

Measuring cup made of a single carton blank (positioned for use)

Example of a holographic print

Group present boxes

prä logo

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RoyalTex - the individually woven packaging

Display equipped with access to augmented reality