New radiance for the cosmetics industry

Luminous packaging by Karl Knauer KG takes new markets by storm

Like hardly any other industry, the cosmetics industry knows how to present its products in a luxurious way. Swiss Premium Cosmetics AG is now the first company in this market segment to take advantage of the spectacular possibilities offered by the use of light in and on packaging. The luminous packaging by Karl Knauer ensures that not only the customer's complexion but also her eyes are radiant when she opens the "elline" box of the "Treasures of Youth" collection.

"elline means shining and is derived from Helena, which is Greek for "the shining one". It thus symbolises radiant skin. So it made sense for us to also play with the subject of light for the packaging of our new anti-ageing product line," says Firass Chamas, Managing Director of Swiss Premium Cosmetics AG. “That we were able to hold the world's first luminous cosmetic packaging in our hands in time for the worldwide market launch of elline Switzerland is down to the excellent cooperation with the experts at Karl Knauer.” The Black Forest packaging specialists, who are responsible for the lighting effect as well as for the elaborate construction and high-quality finishing of the folding boxes, were able to offer a convincing solution based on their experience from projects already implemented for the beverage industry. Our luminous packaging is a real highlight at the POS, attracting lots of attention and making the product something very special," explains Bernd Wussler, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer KG. “More and more industries are looking to exploit the new opportunities for themselves and their products. Whether it is simple lighting accents, multi-stage lighting choreographies or, in the near future, the reproduction of video content on packaging - we are sure that light will soon play an important role on many packaging materials.

The packaging for elline, for example, presents the "Dropper" bottle with the 24k Lifting Serum, in which real gold crystals float, as a real treasure: The golden glossy slide-folding box has been enhanced with a perfect interplay of foil lamination, double hot foil stamping and soft-touch lacquer with the " Treasures of Youth " lettering filigree embossed by laser. By sliding open the packaging an integrated lighting effect, that illuminates the interior of the velvet-bedded bottle, is activated. When the packaging is closed, the secret of the user's youthful complexion disappears again. Not only the folding box for the serum, but also the complete elline collection is designed using light and according to convenience requirements so that it functions automatically with intuitive handling.

The illuminated folding box series has been awarded the display Superstar Award 2019 at the viscom, Europe's trade fair for visual communication, in January. The integrated packaging which uniquely conveys the brand name "elline", meaning "the shining one", has won gold in the category "Packaging".