Karl Knauer KG awarded prize for corporate social responsibility

Setting an example as a family-friendly company

The “Fliegerkiste” daycare center, founded seven years ago as a joint project by the two family companies Karl Knauer KG and HYDRO Systems KG from Biberach/Baden along with the Biberach municipality, is a real bonus for families. As a co-founder of the institution, Karl Knauer KG is now being recognized for their corporate social responsibility and voluntary involvement in the community. Caritas, Diakonie and the Ministry of Economics, Baden-Württemberg, awarded the Black Forest packaging specialists the title of “Exemplary Company” as part of the Lea SME Prize 2018.

The Lea SME Prize for corporate social responsibility in Baden-Württemberg has been awarding small and medium-sized businesses for their voluntary involvement in the community since 2007. The prize is awarded by Caritas, Diakonie and the Minister for the Economy, Labor and Housing in Baden-Württemberg. “Lea” is an abbreviation of the German words Leistung, Engagement and Anerkennung, meaning Performance, Involvement and Recognition. The cooperation between private companies and non-profit organizations was particularly important to the initiators of the prize. A successful cooperation between these two parties is the key to strengthening the community and supporting those searching for solutions to problematic areas in our community and society.

An unprecedented joint project.
The jury see the “Fliegerkiste” daycare center as a more than successful example: Founded in 2011, it has been an unprecedented project of its kind nationwide, spanning the gap between industry and the local municipality for the first time in this form. With family and employee-friendly, flexible opening hours along with strong health and education management, it successfully supports young families in the region in finding time for both their families and their professions. The exemplary involvement in childcare highlights the basic principle behind Karl Knauer KG which states that parents should not have to choose between starting a family and continuing their careers when it comes to family planning. “Our employees are delighted that they can use this wonderful service”, says Stefanie Wieckenberg, Managing Partner at Karl Knauer. “Our HR department is, of course, also very happy that we have a functioning tool that brings employees together with our own company daycare center”. To help the system work for children and parents on an individual level, the Fliegerkiste is open throughout the year, also in vacation periods, and can respond to the unexpected, such as illness or overtime, in a flexible way.

The company daycare center is just one of many projects that Karl Knauer is involved in. As a training partner of various schools in the region and as a sponsor for numerous regional sports clubs, the packaging specialist supports its environment in a sustainable way. This includes company healthcare management, which personnel at Karl Knauer have been benefiting from for many years. In addition, the company works with the Karl Knauer Foundation, set up in 1995.