Karl Knauer wins the Promotional Gift Award

Radiant winners

The packaging specialist Karl Knauer has won one of the coveted Promotional Gift Awards for the second time in a row with the “Black Panther” promotional packaging, which is extraordinary in every respect. The spectacular packaging, produced for PepsiCo (USA) to mark the release of the blockbuster of the famous Marvel Studios, Los Angeles, convinced the jury in the “Best Practice” category. The spectacular light show, which was realised with HiLight - smart LEDs® technology, impressively demonstrates what is possible today in the field of visual and haptic advertising.

“Of course, we are very pleased that we were able to win this important award for the second time in a row with a lighting production,” explains Martin Glatz, Head of Sales and Research & Development at Karl Knauer KG. “After last year's award for our luminous Coca-Cola label, we were now able to convince the expert jury with the truly spectacular packaging of PepsiCo's Brisk brand.”

Brilliant product staging
The packaging is so captivating that it is almost impossible to look away: A PepsiCo branded “Brisk” can in the shape of the film’s hero “Black Panther” and with a 3D-embossed, premium quality finish, is presented on a small “stage” with side elements that fold out to resemble the inside of the film's high-tech stealth ship. Multifaceted embossing, a 20-second light choreography and sophisticated folding mechanisms create a surprising stage effect when the all-black packaging is opened. By pressing the Black Panther logo, the light show starts in five separately controlled zones, which can be restarted at any point and which perfectly embodies the film’s magic. This is possible with the technology HiLight - smart LEDs® developed and patented by Karl Knauer, with which the spectacular light staging can be integrated into the three rear walls directly on cardboard in a very thin way.

“More and more industries are looking to exploit the new opportunities for themselves and their products. Whether it is simple lighting accents, multi-stage lighting choreographies or, in the near future, the reproduction of video content on packaging - we are sure that light will soon play an important role on many packaging materials. That is why we already work together with our partner INURU on the new generation of spectacular lighting effects. Printed OLEDs will replace conventional LEDs in the future and we are working hard to be able to offer our customers an industrial solution for the production and integration of this technology for packaging at attractive conditions.”