Karl Knauer wins gold for wraparound packaging for Bauerfeind

European Carton Excellence Award 2020

At first sight, it is not immediately obvious that the wraparound packaging for the sports compression sock series of the Bauerfeind brand has such a sophisticated design. But if you take a closer look at it like the expert jury of the European Carton Excellence Award 2020, you will be immediately excited. “The extraordinary wraparound packaging is a masterpiece of design.”

Not only does it make an impression at the point of sale, the clever packaging design keeps material usage to a minimum and at the same time maximises its appeal to consumers and brand owners alike. The product contents can be accessed directly without having to remove the packaging, with the integrated anti-theft protection. Despite the sophistication, it is simple and intuitive to open.” This was the rationale behind the award for the Black Forest team. “We always aim to develop packaging that impresses everyone – manufacturers, purchasing departments and customers,” explained Rita Schätzle, Project Manager at Karl Knauer KG. “This is why we are delighted to be making an impression not only on the market but also at international competitor level with our Bauerfeind solution.” 

But even more important for the company with its 800 employees in Germany and Poland is that it has again proven that cardboard packaging meets even the highest demands and is a real, sustainable alternative to plastic. The replacement of plastic is increasingly important for more and more areas and creates new markets.