Oscar-worthy packaging

Karl Knauer wins German Packaging Award with Black Panther Film Promotion

Packaging specialist Karl Knauer wins the German Packaging Award 2018 with dazzling packaging for the film launch of Marvel Studios’ blockbuster "Black Panther”. The spectacular packaging was developed for PepsiCo USA’s “Brisk” ice tea brand and used by the film’s sponsor to enhance the experience for influencers. Perfectly designed to match the look and feel of the cult film, the packaging appeals to the senses to stage that unique “Black Panther feeling”.  A spectacular light display, created by HiLight – smart LEDs® technology within the packaging, made the judging panel’s eyes shine brighter. The packaging won in the Design and Processing category.

“This award is an important indicator for all brand manufacturers, who want to utilise point-of-sale as an advertising platform by means of new technology,”says a delighted Martin Glatz, Head of Research & Development at Karl Knauer, on the subject of the prestigious award. “The combination of finishing process technology with the technical know-how of how to incorporate lighting in packaging, offers completely new possibilities for the presentation of brands and products in the retail sector,” emphasizes Glatz, speaking of the award's significance for the packaging industry.

Packaging as film-worthy staging:
The packaging is so captivating that it is almost impossible to look away: A PepsiCo branded “Brisk” drinks can in the shape of the film’s hero “Black Panther” and with a 3D-embossed, premium quality finish, is presented on a small “stage” with side elements that fold out to resemble the inside of the film's high-tech stealth ship. Multifaceted embossing, a 20-second light choreography and sophisticated folding mechanisms create a surprising stage effect when the all-black packaging is opened.

Lighting design with HiLight - smart LEDs® technology
Using the newly developed and patented HiLight – smart LEDs® technology, ultra thin, spectacular light staging was integrated into the three back panels. By pressing the Black Panther logo, the light show starts in five separately controlled zones, which can be restarted at any point and which perfectly embodies the film’s magic.