Today we glue, not stamp!

Greetings from everyday life

Once stamped – always stamped – as appealing as handling messages or notes by stamping them might be – there is no going back. Also, space and design options for stamping are rather limited. If you are looking for a modern alternative, Karl Knauer, the advertising media specialist from Biberach/Baden now offers an attractive solution: the Message Card.

On a postcard holder, which can be designed according to customer requirements, different adhesive notes can be applied. This way customers always have the right short message at hand, to briefly say what is important. Whether it's an instruction such as "Sign here" or "Take one pill three times a day", product information or a friendly greeting – the possibilities are virtually unlimited. The shape, size and message of the adhesive notes can be designed individually and thus allow for a corporate design and audience-oriented communication. If you would like to put your personal mark on your correspondence in the future with small stickers, please see the manufacturer's site for the complete product information.