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Karl Knauer presents "HiLights" at the Packaging Innovations fair in Zurich

Innovation, inspiration, advanced knowledge: When the packaging industry comes together at the "Packaging Innovations" fair in Zurich from 11 – 12 April 2018, there are bound to be plenty of surprises in store. The who's who of the packaging industry will hold presentations at the international exhibition to show which topics branded companies will be dealing with in the future. Karl Knauer is regarded as one of the great innovators of the industry and will present its top innovations in the fields of "Luminous Packaging" as well as "Food Packaging Innovations" in Hall 6, Stand P26.

Printed electronics with spectacular effects

Multi-award winning and certainly on display in Zurich: the integration of printed electronics in packaging and branded goods. "HiLight – smart LEDs®"  is an innovation by Karl Knauer which – being a minimalist creation – sustainably integrates light into any paper, cardboard or corrugated cardboard product in an aesthetic, functional and affordable way. This technology has some spectacular results. Latest example: The particularly exciting promotion of PepsiCo (USA) on the occasion of the global premier of "Black Panther", with its luminous packaging of "Brisk" ice tea, caused a lot of hype with key influencers to watch the blockbuster.

"This project goes beyond anything we have ever developed and produced", says Martin Glantz, whose roles include head of marketing at Karl Knauer, about the unusual project. "Together with PepsiCo and Marvel Studios, we ignited an unprecedented firework of the art of refinement in a network of strong partners such as "buch exklusiv" and "Highlight Media"".

Anyone lucky enough to see the packaging in Zurich will immediately understand this enthusiasm. Based on the newly developed HiLight – smart LEDs® technology, a spectacular ultra-thin light installation was integrated into the three rear walls. By pressing the Black Panther logo, the light show starts in five separately-controlled zones, which can be restarted at any time and which perfectly reflects the magic of the film.

Coca-Cola launches a shining label

Also on display in Zurich is an exquisite technical revolution for Coca-Cola, which, among other things, has already awed expert juries of the German Packaging Award 2017 and the Gift Award 2018 – and at the same time ushered in a new era of brand staging at the point of sale (POS). Printed, flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which our partner INURU GmbH develops and produces, impressively show what is possible today thanks to OLED printing: Brand presentations at the POS that magically attract all the attention while being completely sustainable and environmentally friendly.  After all, OLED technology is considered the sustainable, smart, green revolution in the packaging industry, because the elements used are recyclable and can easily be disposed of according to statutory requirements. Even composting is possible.

Bright future for the food industry

In a few years, using OLED technology, it will be possible to even print displays on thin paper, on which video content can be played. There are no limits to the imagination for using OLED finishing: From packaging, labels, displays, to ads in magazines or on advertising media – for countless areas of application and endless variations, using OLED technology, messages can be impressively presented. The fantastic prospects for the POS of tomorrow should bring a sparkle to the eyes of many marketing executives.

Always on trend: Sustainability

Sustainability is always a hot topic in the food sector. Packaging is become increasingly more environmentally friendly and safer – cleanliness, freshness and integrity are a must. In addition, they promote the additional value in the brand image with unprecedented variety and creativity: Intuitive opening, dosing and re-closing, new forms of innovative product presentation and the use of new and sustainable materials are what the product development departments in the packaging industry are working on. "We are constantly designing groundbreaking solutions for food and agricultural packaging made of cardboard, which have proved to sustainably promote sales successes. Hereby, we heavily rely on our innovative strength and look forward to exchanging views with visitors and experts in Zurich", says Martin Glatz, highlighting the trade fair presence of his company.