Doing good together

Fliegerkiste Daycare Centre gets new playing area

“Doing good together” – this is the motto under which the apprentices of Karl Knauer KG and Hydro Systems KG carried out voluntary work to fence off the new playing area of the Fliegerkiste Daycare Centre on 14 and 15 May 2018.

The daycare centre is a joint project by the Karl Knauer and Hydro companies along with the Biberach municipality. It was clear that the apprentices enjoyed taking part in this initiative. Supported by Biberacher Bauhof, a total of 16 apprentices worked for two days to fence off the 895 m² area. The ground had previously been worked by the Knäble and Eble companies. The new playing area was planted with grass and with the addition of two football goals, it acts as a playing field especially for older children.


About the Fliegerkiste
The Fliegerkiste Daycare Centre is a unique joint project by the Biberach municipality and the HYDRO Systems KG and Karl Knauer KG companies from Biberach. The three partners have set themselves the task of supporting young families in the region and improving the compatibility of families and careers on a sustainable basis.
Since it was opened in 2011, the facility has been providing 55 places for children aged over six months up until school age. Afterschool and holiday care is also provided to primary school children. In addition to a bilingual service, the holistic concept also includes a programme for promoting the development of a number system (Förderung der Entwicklung des Zahlensystems or FEZ), promoting scientific understanding, special offers such as speech therapy and curative education as well as a balanced, child-friendly lunch of organic quality. Opening times are based on the needs and requests of parents. Alongside the extensive daily opening times of 7am to 6pm, the Fliegerkiste is open throughout the year and only closes between Christmas and New Year.