In perfect shape: Inauguration of a new die cutter at Karl Knauer

Investing in the future of the Biberach plant

The inauguration of the first of three state-of-the-art die cutting machines at packaging specialist Karl Knauer on 24 June 2019 marks an important milestone in the modernisation and expansion of the Biberach production facilities.

Karl Knauer KG continues to develop the facilities at its Black Forest home by expanding the die cutting department, significantly increasing the capacity in this vital production process. Management hopes that it will make it easier for them to manage peak demand periods and help to reduce the number of stressful extra shifts for the staff.

“We have been looking forward to start work with our new Bobst EXPERTCUT 6x-die cutter for a long time”, commented Richard Kammerer, Executive Partner of Karl Knauer KG, during the event. “We have had to cope with a lot of challenges in addition to our normal work load, which is already running at full capacity, before today’s inauguration of our new die cut department’s powerful centrepiece.” Preparation for expansion of the department and the necessary construction work started in the autumn of 2018. Partition walls had to be removed, channels dug and the foundations for the 52-ton die cutter prepared etc. etc.

To make the most of the highly efficient, state-of-the-art EXPERTCUT 145 well into the future, the employees of the die cut department received intensive training, first at the manufacturer Bobst in Meerburg, and then in-house in Biberach. “With optimal use, this machine increases output by about 30 percent in comparison to its predecessors, especially with litho-laminated board. That’s why it is so important that the machine operators are familiar with every little detail and option, be it the precise camera system of the power register, the complex feeder system or the integrated waste stripper”, Hans Dreistein from the sales team at BOBST Meerbusch GmbH told the audience during the (approx. 20 minute) presentation of the die cutter. “The way this was handled here is exemplary, and I am convinced that this training – and the new machine – will soon pay dividends.” Karl Knauer plans to invest in two more Bobst die cutters over the coming years in order to gradually increase capacity at the Biberach site and further optimise use of its fleet of machinery. The event ended with a hearty meal at Kinzigbrennerei Brosamer where the attendees had plenty of reason to toast the packaging specialist’s future.