The colourful way to protect the environment

Out with the plastic markers and in with the paper ones

The times when environmental protection carved out a ‘grey’ existence are long gone – and fortunately so. Why? Because it’s not just today’s recycled paper that’s impressive. The print motif shines in the splendour of rich colours, only revealing to experts what positive values the paper contains. Even more colourful are the small, self-adhesive markers that you’ll find in hardcover and adhesive sets in almost every office and household.

While the sticky notes in the set have always been made of paper, the small coloured strips that you can use to mark important passages of text, for example, were previously made of plastic film. Selected manufacturers – such as Karl Knauer, the packaging and advertising materials specialist from the Black Forest – are now making them from sustainable paper on request. Not only is this practice good for the environment; it also offers two major advantages. Firstly, they’re far better to write on than the plastic strips. Secondly, they can be designed as desired, so customers are free to create their very own small, self-adhesive bookmarks: with or without a logo, with a printed motif or in the company colours – the possibilities are almost limitless. What beautiful, colourful prospects these are!