The note cube; a well-established favourite

Staying power you can count on

Sometimes, the key to a product’s success lies in focusing on the essentials. This is certainly the case with note cubes. Without any frills, they’re a simple way of writing notes. Quick to hand, compact and extremely versatile, it’s easy to see why they still have a place on virtually every desk today. If they also feature a creative all-round print, like the Note Cubes Design Edition from the Black Forest-based advertising media specialist Karl Knauer, then the reach of any advertising message is guaranteed, in continuous sight of its intended audience. Whether concrete, cheese or wood design, printed with screws, gummy bears or tomatoes, at Karl Knauer, companies have the creative opportunity to use materials, which reflect them and their industry. Note cubes provide the perfect background for adding logos and/or key messages. The popular office aids are available in a variety of sizes, formats and designs.