BRC certification completed

Karl Knauer Group positions itself as “Expert in Food Packaging”

Certified “Expert in Food Packaging”: Since the end of September the Karl Knauer KG has been BRC certified at the business location Biberach/Baden. Previously this applied only to the plant in Neuenstein. The BRC Global Standard specifies quality and safety requirements for packaging and packaging materials to ensure their safety for the intended use and the packaged goods. Especially in the food industry this standard is demanded by now. Compared to the standard ISO 22000 even narrower criteria are applied. The Karl Knauer Group is thereby positioning itself even better as an expert in the food packaging sector now.

Utmost importance attached to food safety
Karl Knauer has already placed great emphasis on hygiene, quality and safety standards in recent years. Since 2010 Karl Knauer has been certified in accordance with ISO 22000. Now the previous certification has been extended and supplemented by the new BRC standard. In addition to the IFS Food Standard, the BRC standard, developed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), is one of the most widely used food standards. It requires, for example, that all base materials used are traceable and that wearing perfume, aftershave and artificial nails in the production is not allowed. There are more stringent requirements for the regular cleaning of walls, floors, ceilings and pipelines. Strict requirements also apply to the use of wood, which, for example as a worktop, must be absolutely clean and splinter-proof. The documentation of the use of knives is also mandatory in order to prevent splinters of broken cutting tools from entering the product. The BRC standard does not only apply to the food sector, but also to packaging of consumer goods and care products. In England, the corresponding certification is a prerequisite for the placement of products on the market.

Karl Knauer Group with new “Expert in Food Packaging” power
The Karl Knauer Group can now produce food packaging compliant to the BRC standard at two business locations in Germany. Above all, the customers of the packaging specialists benefit from this increased flexibility. Because the food packaging expertise of the location in Neuenstein (formerly HEPACK GmbH) perfectly joins hands with the experience of the Karl Knauer KG in Biberach: Refinement expertise, material expertise and a high level of innovative power coalesce with many years of experience in food packaging. This combination will result in completely new products and innovations.