Ready for the kickoff?

World Cup related advertising

For millions of football fans, this summer is once again all about the World Cup. This is also reason enough for the advertising media specialist Karl Knauer from Biberach/Baden to expand its wide range of advertising media with two true football talents.

The display box designed as a goal, clearly follows the rule: The round must go into the square! Two adhesive note pads cut in the shape of a ball are waiting for their next assignment. Optionally, a small pen can be added to the stand and adhesive notes set. With the Trio Pad from Karl Knauer you can also show your sports enthusiasm: Due to the punching of the middle and top pad, and the perfectly coordinated print motif, this notepad version produces an impressive 3D effect. Not only the next "pass" but also the company's logo can come "out of the depths of space" and score the perfect marketing goal with customers.