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Wiha e-screwdriver packaging nominated for ProCarton award

13.08.2018 08:33AM

Nominated: the pack with the knack

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Today we glue, not stamp!

06.08.2018 12:06PM

Greetings from everyday life

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An abundance of tasteful ideas

23.07.2018 04:05PM

Gift Packaging 2018/19

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Karl Knauer KG awarded prize for corporate social responsibility

11.07.2018 04:01PM

Setting an example as a family-friendly company

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Advertising that literally opens doors

03.07.2018 10:54AM

Advent Calendars

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Epic Packaging

28.06.2018 01:12PM

Illuminated Black Panther packaging with HiLight – smart LEDs®

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Fantastic apprentice projects awarded

19.06.2018 08:31AM

Karl Knauer KG apprentices win 1st place

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Visible success

11.06.2018 02:54PM

Karl Knauer wins the German Innovation Award 2018

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Advertising in the right light

05.06.2018 11:11AM

Luminous advertising media

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Here comes season four

01.06.2018 11:03AM

Advertising media with depth effect

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Doing good together

17.05.2018 09:28AM

Fliegerkiste Daycare Centre gets new playing area

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Ready for the kickoff?

03.05.2018 04:08PM

World Cup related advertising

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Germany-wide Girl's Day

30.04.2018 11:51AM

Thrilling event: Girl's Day at Karl Knauer

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Advertising that sets precedents.

09.04.2018 03:22PM

Message boards that can be wiped down

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Advertising times three

12.03.2018 09:05AM

Lots of new material

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Planning tomorrow's possibilities today

12.03.2018 08:04AM

Karl Knauer presents "HiLights" at the Packaging Innovations fair in Zurich

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Sustainability in top form

01.03.2018 09:03AM

Reduced to the essentials

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A spectacular event

20.02.2018 01:19PM

PepsiCo/Marvel Studios: Black Panther packaging stages the worldwide movie launch

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Digging quick jottings

25.01.2018 09:07AM

Advertising material: Jotting for the auto industry

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