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Karl Knauer Foundation

10.12.2020 09:30AM

Making a positive difference for 25 years

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Karl Knauer shortlisted for Sustainability Award

07.12.2020 02:31PM

Being responsible

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Work anniversary celebrations at Karl Knauer

27.11.2020 11:04AM

Tradition prevails despite coronavirus

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Karl Knauer nominated as “Printer of the Year”

23.11.2020 08:10AM

This will be the fourth time that the trade journal “Druck & Medien” is selecting the “Printer of the Year”.

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Karl Knauer takes part in the German Sustainability Award finals

10.11.2020 02:16PM

Cardboard replaces polymer film

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Sustainability to the max.

04.11.2020 03:23PM

Cooperation between Weleda and Karl Knauer

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Karl Knauer wins gold for wraparound packaging for Bauerfeind

13.10.2020 01:38PM

European Carton Excellence Award 2020

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Jungle packaging wins Gold in the German Packaging Prize 2020

28.09.2020 09:09AM

Karl Knauer KG uses packaging concepts to focus on visionaries

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Bauerfeind Wraparound packaging nominated for ProCarton award

23.09.2020 11:24AM

Karl Knauer submits sustainable packaging for socks

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Appreciation during the pandemic

16.09.2020 09:18AM

Gift packaging becomes more and more popular

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Karl Knauer welcomes the new trainees

02.09.2020 03:24PM

Broad range of training possibilities at Karl Knauer KG

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Focusing attention on climate change

27.08.2020 02:55PM

Counter displays for sales promotion

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Karl Knauer apprentices harvest sweet reward for latest eco project

24.08.2020 09:21AM

Protecting insects in collaboration with Bienenmartins Imkerei

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Goodbye shrink wrap!

12.08.2020 10:01AM

Karl Knauer and Krones revolutionise secondary beverage packaging

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Getting messages to stick

10.08.2020 02:05PM

Sticky notes boost mailshot effect

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The trends for the Christmas trade

30.07.2020 04:32PM

Gift packaging 2020/21

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Showing closeness from a distance

17.06.2020 03:35PM

Adhesive Notes in Times of Corona

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Exciting plans for Poland

16.06.2020 09:58AM

Karl Knauer Poland introduces the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106

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Advent calendar

18.05.2020 04:10PM

Slightly more sustainable day by day

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Karl Knauer has drive!

16.04.2020 11:23AM

Right of way for target group-specific advertising

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Information to ensure security of supply and the Karl Knauer pandemic plan

20.03.2020 10:02AM

Highest hygiene standards at the Karl Knauer sites

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The colourful way to protect the environment

18.03.2020 09:51AM

Out with the plastic markers and in with the paper ones

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(No) time for individual advertising materials?

27.02.2020 11:06AM

Maximum choice; minimum cost

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Creative partnership between Karl Knauer and Mey

30.01.2020 11:38AM

Successful partnerships add market value

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Karolina Matysiak takes co-leadership position at Karl Knauer Poland

16.01.2020 09:26AM

Packaging specialist Karl Knauer has appointed Karolina Matysiak as the new Managing Director of Karl Knauer Poland Sp. z o.o.

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A lesson. To protect the climate.

16.01.2020 09:00AM

Sustainably produced

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World Star Award 2020

09.01.2020 08:41AM

Karl Knauer outshines international competition with “elline”

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