We are committed and actively involved

As an owner-operated, medium-sized company with its roots in an area of the Black Forrest that is shaped by traditional values, we take responsibility for both the people we employ and the region where we are located. We support local and regional projects with great enthusiasm and dedication. Our "impressively different" approach is reflected in the projects we support. One example is the day care centre "Fliegerkiste" or the numerous social and cultural projects of the Karl Knauer Foundation.

"Fliegerkiste" day centre

Do you have to manage a family and your career? Our child day care services make this possible.
The day care centre eases the load and also supports young working parents: In 2010, as the first cooperative project between two family-run corporations and a municipality in Germany, Karl Knauer KG and HYDRO Systems KG as well as the local municipality located at our corporate headquarters in Biberach/Baden, founded the day care centre "Fliegerkiste" in 2010. The centre offers year-round childcare services. The centre is open weekdays from 7 am to 6 pm.

Further information about the day care centre "Fliegerkiste" can be found online at: Arrowwww.fliegerkiste-biberach.de.

Balance between professional career and family life

We are a member of the enterprise network called Family as Success Factor. It is a central platform for German enterprises interested or already involved in the promotion of family-friendly human resources policy. The network is a joint initiative of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, supported by the European Union within the federal programme of the ESF called “Shaping the balance between professional career and family life”. 

Additional information on the network is available Arrowhere.


Karl Knauer Foundation

Supports regional projects: The Karl Knauer Foundation.
Based on its special affiliation with Biberach/Baden, the “Harmersbachtal” and its people – who have played a significant role in the corporate success of Karl Knauer KG – the company's founder formed the Karl Knauer Foundation in 1995. Its purpose is to support social and cultural facilities in Biberach/Baden and the Harmersbachtal. The Foundation primarily supports associations and institutions that actively care for the youth and support youth programmes, cultural activities, and sports as well as retirement homes, kindergartens or social welfare centres.

Focus on people

As an owner-operated, medium-sized company with roots in an area of the Black Forest that is shaped by traditional values, we take responsibility for the people who work for us. These are the values that we live and breathe every day and the same values that influence our thinking and acting: Openness and honesty; reliability and loyalty; tolerance and respect; predictability and social commitment.

As an owner-operated and run medium-sized company we take personal responsibility for our customers and suppliers. We are known as a fair, reliable and friendly business partner and maintain decades of successful business relationships.