Packaging media technologist

Duration of apprenticeship3 years
The vocational training programme at Karl Knauer takes place at the Biberach plant as well as in full-time teaching blocks held at the Johannes Gutenberg School in Stuttgart.
Areas of work/industriesPackaging media technologists work mainly in paper and plastic processing industries; for example, for manufacturing paperboard and paper envelopes and also cardboard or packaging media made from plastics. Beyond this, machine and system operators can also be employed in printing plants that print packaging media.
ActivitiesPackaging media technologists develop and manufacture packaging that optimally protects the contents of the package and simultaneously advertises the product. During the design process, practical functions such as the aesthetics as well as advertising aspects are all taken into consideration.
Additional general conditions, such as customer demands, packaging media costs and ecological aspects are also included in these considerations. They use computers for creating the contours for hollow punches, develop samples, either manually or using a machine. They then test these samples before discussing them with the customer. During the manufacture of packaging media, the media requirements as well as the manufacturing processes are planned; machines and production lines calibrated and the manufacturing process monitored. They use the potential of system solutions, control technology and control centre technology as well as operational quality management. In addition they also perform maintenance work on the machines and systems.
Place of workFor the most part, packaging media technologists operate fully automatic production lines from control centres. In order to switch paper rolls or perform maintenance work, they work directly on the machines located on the factory floor or in the machine rooms. They also create constructions and drawings on their computers (CAD) or even at the drawing board from time to time.
Further education
  • Foreman
  • Certified technician
  • University degree in engineering ("Diplom-Ingenieur (FH)")
  • Training supervisor for recognised vocational occupations
  • and much more

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