Media designer

Duration of apprenticeship3 years
One-third of the vocational training period is spent working in one of the following three fields of study:
  • Planning and consulting
  • Concept and visualisation
  • Design and technique
The vocational training in the design and technology field of study at Karl Knauer takes place at the Biberach plant and on 1-2 days per week at the vocational school (currently located in Lahr).
Areas of work/industriesDigital and print media designers in the design and technology field of study mainly work in companies in the print and media management or in publishing companies and advertising agencies. Beyond this, they can also work in companies that produce online media.
ActivitiesWhether you work on the creation of musical notes, packaging and newspapers or websites, e-books and video games: For each order, digital and print media designers in the area of design and technology combine the required data, plan the work steps, and design individual elements for the respective media products. They design and adopt, for example, text, graphics, audio and video data and convert them for multiple uses. In this way they can use the same media elements in different processing forms for individual print media and for multimedia products such as CD-ROMs or Internet sites. Before a catalogue goes to print or a website goes live, the specialists confirm their work results with the customers' requirements.
Place of workMedia designer mainly work in offices and graphic arts design studios, where they design elements of the various media products on their computers. From time to time they are also involved in customer acquisition in order to present their work results.
Further education
  • Foreman in digital and print media
  • Media specialist
  • Technician in print and media technology
  • Training supervisor for recognised vocational occupations
  • and much more

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In case you have any questions relating to the offered apprenticeship programmes, please feel free to contact Markus Dilger:

Markus Dilger
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