Industrial sales representative with add. qualifications

Additional qualifications: Foreign languages (English/French)

Duration of apprenticeship3 years
The apprenticeship at Karl Knauer takes place at the Biberach plant and at the vocational school (currently located in Lahr) on 1-2 days per week.
Areas of work/industriesIn our company, industrial sales representatives work in almost all areas, for example, in the electric, automotive, print, metal or textile industry.
Additional qualification in foreign languagesPrerequisite for this apprenticeship programme is secondary school examinations (A levels) as well as at least 4 years of prior schooling in both French and English. The apprenticeship is supplemented by an internship of several weeks abroad during the second year of the programme.
ActivitiesIn most diverse companies, industrial sales representatives manage commercial transactions and processes. In materials management, they compare offers, negotiate with suppliers and manage the goods received as well as the storage of goods, among other tasks. In manufacturing management, they plan, manage and monitor services or the manufacturing of goods and compile shipping documents as part of the order fulfilment process. Compiling price calculations and pricing lists and conducting customer negotiations are all part of their area of responsibility. Additionally, they prepare targeted marketing strategies. They work in finance or corporate finance; industrial sales representatives process, book and monitor the incoming business transactions. In the human resources department they assist in determining the personnel required, support the employee selection process as well as plan the proper deployment of personnel.
Place of workIndustrial sales representatives spend the majority of their time in offices – as well as in open-office space. Working at their computers, they record business transactions or prepare offers.
In meetings, they discuss, for example, sales support measures.
They also work in the warehouse where they monitor delivery papers and ensure that the goods are stored correctly. Working in the manufacturing area, they are responsible for the assignment of machines and systems.
Further education
  • Graduate in business administration
  • Business administrator
  • Office management specialist
  • Training supervisor for recognised vocational occupations
  • and much more

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