Let your inquisitiveness get the better of you!

Are you are interested in what’s happening in and around Biberach? Also what it means to manufacture packaging and products for international markets? What opportunities and professions are available in the industry? What future opportunities does the packaging industry offer?

You are unable to make up your mind what the best direction is for you? You would like to begin your professional career locally? You want to be a member of a winning team? No matter what your interests are – an internship or a trial internship is the perfect opportunity to have your questions answered and perhaps open your own package that contains a large part of your future.

We offer 14 different and exciting Arrowvocational professionsArrow and Arrowwork-study programmes.

Do any questions remain unanswered? Martina Weiß is looking forward to your phone call and will gladly be of assistance!

Martina Weiß
Zeller Straße 14
77781 Biberach/Baden

T +49 (7835) 782 264