Award bestowed once again

Karl Knauer KG has been awarded the German Design Award 2018

The Karl Knauer KG, together with their partner INURU GmbH, has been awarded the German Design Award 2018 for the category "Excellent Communications Design". The award-winning product is a label for the Coca-Cola brand. The label is illuminated with printed OLEDs. This innovative technology was developed and patented by INURU. As a partner, the Karl Knauer KG uses their 10-year smart packaging know-how to develop various products together with INURU and exclusively supports the sales of this trend-setting innovation by INURU.

OLED – a bright future
Labels and packaging with printed OLEDs are ingredients the packaging of tomorrow needs to be endowed with. The printed, flexible and organic light-emitting diodes allow for an extraordinary brand staging at the POS and are thus the next technical revolution in smart packaging. Only a few nanometres thick, self-radiating and plane: printed OLEDs consist of organic semiconductors. They can be used even on extremely concave surfaces and can be manufactured at low cost. The energy self-sufficient OLEDS will radiate several weeks, for instance with integrated printed batteries or photovoltaic elements. 

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