Three in one go!

Karl Knauer receives several awards at the PSI Sustainability Awards

Three of the renowned sustainability awards from the international network from the German Promotional Products Industry "PSI" will go to Karl Knauer KG in 2018. The packaging and advertising expert from Biberach/Baden has won awards in the Economic Excellence, Environmental Excellence categories and was also named overall winner with the title "Sustainable Company of the Year".

It is a novelty in the history of the PSI Sustainability Awards that the prestigious sustainability award "Sustainable Company of the Year" in the international promotional products industry will be awarded to a company a second time. The jury praises the combination of social, economic and ecological performance of Karl Knauer: According to the jury verdict, the Sustainable Company of the Year 2018 presented itself in the three pillars of the sustainability  Economy - Ecology - Social, networking in an exemplary manner and at the level of documented efficiency. The verdict also stated that, “the current certificates and audits on climate and environmental management, the responsible use of resources and the extensive documentation of a veritable quality campaign testify to a company at the level of environmental corporate environmental policy.”  In addition, the social commitment of the traditional Biberach company was acknowledged, which has been working for years with the “Fliegerkiste” day-care centre and the Karl Knauer Foundation in the region for a better reconciliation of work and family life.

The Sustainable League of the European Promotional Products Industry under the direction of Stefan Schulze-Hausmann, initiator and mastermind of the German Sustainability Award, underlined in the event that transparent sustainability profiles are currently developing into entry requirements for the supply chains of the economy. The winners of the awards are particularly well positioned for this development.

“Of course we are very proud that our sense of responsibility and our commitment to people, the environment and nature has been recognised,” says Richard Kammerer, Managing Partner at Karl Knauer. “In everything we do as a company around packaging, advertising, gift packaging and engineering, we feel it is our responsibility to increase the efficiency of processes while conserving resources and minimising emissions."

For industry experts, the string of medals awarded to Karl Knauer are unlikely to be surprising, as the Black Forest company was nominated for this competition in 2018 in five categories (Economic Excellence, Environmental Excellence, Social Excellence, Environment Initiative and Social Initiative).